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Emmanuel Iwuoha, Retail Manager
Location: Bulman Student Centre, Room 0R04
Phone: (204) 786-9992
Fax: (204) 783-7080

Health Plan Questions?
Drop by Info Booth: Monday to Friday | 10 AM – 4 PM
*UWSA offices are closed till further notice but staff are still available virtually. Please email us at for assistance.

Questions? Check out the Health Plan FAQs! 

Important Note:

Please note that new Green Shield accounts will be activated after the course add/drop period ends. Please keep your receipts for services used between the blackout period and you should be able to claim it retroactively. 

Please check your student account on Web Advisor for any outstanding fees!

Health Plan fees are assessed a few days after you register or make changes to your account, so there may be balance on your account.

Please email your name, student number, and any questions that you have regarding fee assessment to

Opt-Change/Opt-Out Out Deadlines

Fall Term Opt-Change/Opt-Out Deadline: September 16, 2019

Winter Term Opt-Change/Opt-Out Deadline:  January 17, 2020

Spring Term Opt-In/Opt-Change/Opt-Out Deadline: May 20, 2020. 

Click here to Opt-Out before May 20. Coverage is mandatory for International students studying over six months. Only students starting in the Spring term can Opt-Out/Opt-Change right now. Students who started in Fall or Winter can Opt-Out/Opt-Change in the Fall/Winter term again.

The Spring/Summer Opt-Out/Opt-In/Opt-Change is now closed. If you missed the deadline, please file an appeal by filling up this form and emailing it to

Your UWSA Health Plan Number

Your Green Shield ID is your UWSA Health Plan number and it is self-generating. It’s based off your University of Winnipeg Student ID number (found on your U of W student ID card). Your UWSA Health Plan number starts with UWS then your student number and then 00. The format looks like this: UWS#######-00.

If you opted in a spouse/partner or any dependents their ID is based off your student ID, as well. The format looks like this: UWS#######-01 for a partner/spouse, UWS#######-02 for eldest dependent, UWS#######-03 for next eldest dependent etc.

About the Health Plan

The UWSA Health Plan ensures coverage for costs outside of Manitoba Health. The health plan covers portions of prescription drugs, hospital accommodations, custom footwear and orthotics, professional services from acupuncture, chiropractors, podiatrists, psychologists, speech therapists, naturopaths, registered massage therapists, physiotherapists, sports therapists, and homeopaths, accidental and basic dental, prescription eye glasses and contact lenses, eye exams, and tutors.

As part of the National Student Health Network, through the Canadian Federation of Students (-Services), our insurance provider is Green Shield Canada.

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions page for more answers!

Who is on the Plan?

All full-time undergraduate students, taking 9 credit hours or more in a term, are automatically included in the UWSA health plan. All other U of W students (part-time, graduate, registered with accessibility services) have the option of opting into the UWSA health plan. As well, all students on the health plan can extend their coverage to their spouse, common-law partner, or children.

Your Green Shield ID is UWS(Your student number)-00. Example: UWS1234567-00

How to Opt Out

All opt outs for are done online here. A link will be available prior to the opt out date.

Only full-time students (9 credit hours/term or more) who are covered under another health benefits plan need to opt-out. If you’re registered for fewer than 9 credit hours, you’re not on the plan and don’t need to opt out.

How to Opt In or Change your Plan

Opt in and Opt Change are for people who are not on the plan (part-time, Graduate, or students registered with accessibility services for full-time status), and for students who want to add family.

Did you know you can extend your coverage to your spouse and/or children! Even if you have other health benefits, the UWSA Health Plan can supplement that coverage.

Opt-In/Opt-Change Form 2019/20 Use this form to opt-in or change your plan type and submit it to

The Spring/Summer Opt-Out/Opt-In/Opt-Change is now closed. If you missed the deadline, please file an appeal by filling up this form and emailing it to 

Health Plan Fees for 2019/20

Different plan types have different costs.

Click here to download an accessible PDF version of the Health Plan rates: Health Plan Rates 2019/20

Full-time undergraduate students are automatically charged the Full time Single fee, $248.04.
This fee will be automatically charged on your UWinnipeg student account when you pay for tuition. Please email your name, student number, and any questions that you have regarding fee assessment to


Things you should check out!

UWSA Health Plan – Summary of Benefits– An overview of your benefits

For a detailed description of what is covered, check out your health benefits booklet.
Benefit Plan Booklet – Full time and Part time

For more information about your Green Shield membership, visit the Green Shield Student Centre, where you can set up direct deposit and manage your claims.

Access your account on your smart phone through the Green Shield App!
How to use the Green Shield App

To find out if you’re eligible to receive awards or bursaries for student fees, including student association fees, please contact the UWinnipeg Awards Office at


Here are the forms you need to utilize the health plan and/or make changes to your coverage

UWSA Health Plan Appeal Form If you have issues with the health plan fees or service provision, you can submit a formal appeal with the Health Plan Coordinator.

Opt-In/Opt-Change Form 2019/20 Use this form to opt-in or change your plan type and submit it to

General Claim Form or submit an Online Claim Form
(Read how to here: How to submit an Online Claim Form)

How to fill out your claim form:

How to fill out a General Claim Form

Submit claims online & how to create your online Green Shield account:

As of May 1st, 2016 students are able to file their insurance claims ONLINE!

Yes! Opt-outs can take a few weeks to process. We recommend you pay your full tuition including your health plan fees to avoid incurring any late fees on your student account and to avoid the university placing a hold on your student account. Once your opt-out is processed you’ll be credited back in full on your student account.

Just make sure to hold onto your opt-out confirmation email from Green Shield until you’ve received your credit!

Read how to submit an Online Claim Form here:
How to submit an Online Claim Form


Emmanuel Iwuoha
Retail Manager
Location: Bulman Students Centre, Room 0R04
Phone: 204.786.9992
Fax: 204.783.7080

Opt Out Issues or Complaints
Karolya Vargscarr, UWSA General Manager
Phone: 204-786-9073

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