U-Pass Program Suspended for the 2021-22 Academic School Year

Peggo Card Pickup

Students with lost or defective Peggo cards can now make an appointment to schedule to pick up replacement cards. Info Booth will be open Monday to Friday from 8:30 AM – 4:30 PM. Replacement cards cost $10 and only contactless debit/credit card payments will be accepted at this time.

About the UWSA Transit Subsidy Program:

The U-Pass program is suspended for the 2021-22 academic year but students-in-need can now apply for a UWSA Transit Subsidy through the UWinnipeg awards office. This subsidy will reimburse towards the cost difference roughly equivalent ($83) to the projected cost of the UWSA U-Pass for full-time graduate and undergraduate UWinnipeg students-in-need.

For information on the subsidy and the application process, please click here: UWSA Transit Subsidy Program

About U-Pass

The U-Pass is a universal bus pass program where students pay a fee at the beginning of each term and receive a bus pass that is valid for the Fall and Winter Term (September – April). With a U-Pass, all students at the University of Winnipeg will be able to access Winnipeg Transit services any time, anywhere across the city. In 2014, students initiated work toward developing a U-Pass program at UWinnipeg.

Read more about the history of the U-Pass here: U-Pass History

Who gets a U-Pass?

Each term, all full-time undergraduate students and graduate students who are assessed as full-time status by grad studies, at the University of Winnipeg automatically get a U-Pass. This means at registration, full-time students pay a U-Pass fee. A full-time student is a student who is taking nine or more credit hours in one term.

Handi Transit users can use their U-Pass to access Handi Transit Services. This means, Handi Transit users will be assessed the U-Pass fee each term they are full-time students. Handi Transit users do have the option to opt-out, as well.

If you have been assessed the fee for January 2021, please contact UWinnipeg Financial Services at studentfinancial@uwinnipeg.ca or call 204.786.9244 or 204.786.9884 to request a refund.

How much is a U-Pass?

The U-Pass fee is $200 per term.

Since the U-Pass program is suspended for the 2021-22 academic year, students can choose to purchase a post-secondary semester pass for the 2021 Fall Term, starting in September. The post-secondary semester pass costs $283 and allows students unlimited access to transit from September- December.

Full-time UWinnipeg students-in-need might be eligible to receive a transit subsidy in Fall 2021 to cover the cost difference equivalent ($83) to a U-Pass.

Students can also choose to purchase 14-day, 28-day, monthly and annual passes at post-secondary rates, at Winnipeg Transit retail locations (like 7-11 and Shoppers Drugmart). However, these passes are not included in the UWSA Transit subsidy program.


Who do I contact with questions?

Info Booth is closed until further notice but students can e-mail Info Booth staff with their U-Pass and Winnipeg Transit concerns at infobooth@theuwsa.ca.

When emailing us about lost or defective Peggo and Post-Secondary Cards, please mention the following:

  • Full Name
  • Student Number
  • Contact Details
  • Details of the Issue

How long is the U-Pass program suspended for?

The U-Pass program is currently suspended for the 2020-21 academic year only. 

Depending on the public health situation and campus closure, the U-Pass may or may not be provided for the 2021-22 academic year.

Your U-Pass is only valid for the Fall-Winter Term. After April 30, students can re-load their U-Pass Peggo Cards with post-secondary bus passes or e-cash to continue to use transit services during the Spring-Summer Term.

Other important information:

Your U of W Student ID with the transit sticker is required when boarding a transit bus to utilize the U-Pass or a post-secondary pass.  If the appropriate U of W Student ID is not presented, students risk confiscation of their U-Pass. Students are not to sell, or give away their U-Pass or post-secondary pass, as the penalty could be confiscation of the pass and possible fines.

Details regarding distribution of UWinnipeg Student IDs for new students will be available soon.

Get in touch!

Email us with your questions u-pass@theuwsa.ca or click here to ask right away.

Peggo issues and errors

If farebox does not accept your Peggo, try to scan your pass a second time. If your Peggo still won’t scan, bus drivers will accept your Peggo card as a flash pass when used together with your student ID with valid transit sticker.  Contact Info Booth at infobooth@theuwsa.ca to troubleshoot lost and defective Peggo cards.

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