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The U-Pass is a universal bus pass program where all full-time UWinnipeg students pay a fee at the beginning of each term and receive an unlimited access bus pass for the Fall and/or Winter Term (September – December / January – April) at a subsidized rate.

Read more about the history of the U-Pass here: U-Pass History

Usage + Who receives it

  • In Fall 2019, approximately 6000 U-Passes were activated at UWinnipeg According to Winnipeg Transit’s review in 2017 and 2018. Approx. 90% of students used a U-Pass, with 53% using it on a daily basis or more.
  • All full-time University of Winnipeg students (9 credit hours or more in one term) are enrolled in the U-Pass program. In addition, users and students residing outside city limits have the option to Opt-Out of the U-Pass.
  • Transit Plus users can use their U-Pass to access Transit Plus Services. This means, Transit Plus users will be assessed the U-Pass fee each term they are full-time students. Transit Plus users may have the option to opt-out, as well. If you have been assessed the fee for September 2022, please contact the Corporate Accounts Manager, Emmanuel Iwuoha, at e.iwuoha@theuwsa.ca.

How much does the U-Pass Cost?

  • 2024/25 U-Pass fees (presently a 26% discount from the Post-Secondary Semester Pass and 50% discount from the Full Adult Bus Fare).
    • $223.30 per term
    • $446.60 from September – April

The cost of the U-Pass is will be adjusted annually to maintain a 50% discount from the Full Adult Transit Fare. The rate of discount from a Post-Secondary Semester Pass (presently 26%) could fluctuate as annual rate changes typically occur, although we believe this level of discount should be generally stable.


Fill out the digital form here: U-Pass Opt-Out Form

Deadlines for opting out:

  • Fall Term: September 18, 2023
  • Winter Term: January 19, 2024

Those that are eligible is:

  1. A student who lives outside the City of Winnipeg boundaries as indicated in the map featured.
  2. A student who is registered with the Canadian National Institute for the Blind
  3. A student who is a Winnipeg Transit Employee
  4. A student who will be studying outside of Canada for more than sixty (60) days per term
  5. A student who will be participating in an internship, cooperative program, or research outside the City of Winnipeg boundaries for more than sixty (60) days per term.
  6. A student who holds a valid U-Pass from another post-secondary institution
  7. A student who is a Winnipeg transit plus user and is eligible for free transportation on the fixed route Winnipeg Transit system.

Appeal Form

Did you miss the Opt-Out deadline? Fill out an appeal form before October 2, 2023. UPass Appeal Form

Student Initiative

This U-Pass is a student-led initiative spearheaded by students at the UWSA in 2014, mirroring U-Pass programs practiced across Canada. UWinnipeg students voted and passed in a referendum on October 29, 2014, with a majority vote of 81.7% in favour of establishing a U-Pass.

How to pick-up your U-Pass

All UofW students will need to head to the UWSA Info Booth starting the second week of August to receive their new Transit U-Pass sticker for the 2022-2023 year. If you’re a new UofW student, you will also receive a U-Pass Peggo Card. If you already have an existing U-Pass Peggo Card, you will only be receiving a new transit U-Pass sticker.

Lost or Defective Peggo Card?

Students with lost or defective Peggo cards can now make an appointment to schedule to pick up replacement cards. Replacement cards cost $15, and only contactless debit/credit card payments will be accepted.

Who do I contact with questions?

Students can visit Info Booth on the main floor of Centennial Hall. Students can also e-mail Info Booth staff with their U-Pass and Winnipeg Transit concerns at u-pass@theuwsa.ca.

When emailing us about lost or defective Peggo and Post-Secondary Cards, please mention the following:

  • Full Name
  • Student Number
  • Contact Details
  • Details of the Issue

Other important information:

Your U of W Student ID with the transit sticker is required when boarding a transit bus to utilize the U-Pass or a post-secondary pass.  If the appropriate U of W Student ID is not presented, students risk confiscation of their U-Pass. Students are not to sell, or give away their U-Pass or post-secondary pass, as the penalty could be confiscation of the pass and possible fines.

Get in touch!

Email us with your questions u-pass@theuwsa.ca or click here to ask right away.

Peggo issues and errors

If farebox does not accept your Peggo, try to scan your pass a second time. If your Peggo still won’t scan, bus drivers will accept your Peggo card as a flash pass when used together with your student ID with valid transit sticker.  Contact Info Booth at infobooth@theuwsa.ca to troubleshoot lost and defective Peggo cards.

Quick History of U-Pass Fees:

  • The U-Pass launched at $130 per term for the 2016/2017 Fall/Winter terms.
  • The U-Pass fee for Fall 2019, Winter 2020, the last term it was active, was $136.25 per term.
  • The last approved U-Pass fee for Fall, 2020 was $160.75 per term.
  • The U-Pass fee for Fall, 2022 is $212 per term.

Read more about the history of the U-Pass here: U-Pass History

Past Initiatives

UWSA Transit Subsidy Program:

The U-Pass program is suspended for the 2021-22 academic year but students-in-need can now apply for a UWSA Transit Subsidy through the UWinnipeg awards office. This subsidy will reimburse towards the cost difference roughly equivalent ($83) to the projected cost of the UWSA U-Pass for full-time graduate and undergraduate UWinnipeg students-in-need.

For information on the subsidy and the application process, please click here: UWSA Transit Subsidy Program

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