Office Staff Directory

General Inquiries 
Phone: 204-786-9787


Alex Nguyen (They/Them)
Role: Events and Communications Manager
Phone: 204-786-9867
Cell Phone:
Supports: All in-person and virtual UWSA events, and manages UWSA leased spaces and meeting rooms, communications, Marketing, Public Relations, and Social Media,
Contact Alex if: You are an organization that wants to partner with the UWSA for an event, if you are a student that wants to book a UWSA-leased space on campus, or if you have questions about the UWSA committee process for proposing and engaging on events. You want any information about the UWSA at all, you want to advertise your campus event on UWSA media channels, or you have a media request for a statement, interview or comment.


Emmanuel Iwuoha (He/Him)
Role: Corporate Account Manager
Phone: 204-258-2936
Supports: UWSA Info Booth operations, Canada Post partnership and administration, Green Shield Canada Health Plan administration, and City of Winnipeg U-Pass program administration.
Contact Emmanuel if: You have a concern or question about any corporate agreements or processes, or a concern about your Health Plan enrollment.


Binara Hewagamage (She/Her)
Program Manager
Phone: 204-789-4244
Supports: All UWSA programs (Foodbank, Bike Lab, SafeWalk), all UWSA student lounges (Access, BIPOC, Rainbow, Women Trans-Spectrum).
Contact Binara if: You have questions about a service center or lounge, or if you need to access resources.


Ioulia Berdnikova (She/Her)
Role: UWSA Day Care Executive Director
Phone: 204-786-9898
Supports: All UWSA Day Care Centre operations
Contact Ioulia if: You have a question about the daycare center, an idea for community programming or partnership, or an inquiry about the daycare space waiting list – UWSA Members have priority for space selection.


Diksha Bansal (She/Her)
Role: General Manager
Phone: 204-786-9073
UWSA governance, such as bylaws and policies,  board meetings, elections, annual general meetings, and office and IT infrastructure.
Contact Diksha if: You are a student or staff person requiring bylaw and policy support, you are an employee or director requiring UWSA email address or swipe key, or if you are having difficulty connecting with Elections personnel or the Chair of the Board of Directors.


Role: Business Manager
Supports: UWSA payroll, accounts receivable, accounts payable, and student group banking.
Contact Business Manager if: You are a student with questions about your student group bank account, you are an employee with questions about your paystub, or any question related to honoraria and expenses.


Ted Turner (He/Him)
Role: Special Projects Manager
Phone: 204-786-9779
Supports: All UWSA projects, strategic initiatives, and agreements prioritized by the Board of Directors.
Contact Ted if: All UWSA projects, strategic initiatives, and agreements prioritized by the Board of Directors.


Tom Sidebottom (He/Him)
Chief Operating Officer (COO)
UWSA Operations and Human Resources, including Labour Relations, Privacy, Risk, and Workplace Safety + Health.
Contact Tom if
: You have a concern about safety in UWSA spaces, you experience an incident in a UWSA space, you have a concern about a UWSA employee or director, you have feedback on a UWSA service, you have a concern about any UWSA department.


Olayemi Olaleye (He/Him)
Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
 UWSA Finances and Accounting
Contact Olayemi if
: You have questions about the UWSA budgets, or questions about financial presentations at board meetings or Annual General Meetings.

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