Student Rights

The University of Winnipeg’s policies outline what students should expect and are entitled to during their time here. All UWinnipeg Students enrolled in classes are also already UWSA members. Here are some of the key things that students should know.


1. Receive a complete and detailed course syllabus in the first week of classes
The syllabus must include:

  • An indication of the topics to be covered
  • A list of all items of work on which your grade is based and the weight of each item of work
  • Clear criteria for assessment of participation and/or attendance marks (if applicable)
  • A reading list or other indication of the amount of reading expected in the class
  • Reference to the availability of Accessibility Services

2. Receive 20 per cent of your final grade before the voluntary withdrawal date

  • Exceptions may be made for Directed Readings, Projects, and Thesis courses, but these exceptions must be noted in the course outline.
  • Check your syllabus or academic calendar for the voluntary withdrawal date

3. A consensus among all students in the class before changes are made to the syllabus

Instructors must obtain written unanimous consent from all students on the class list for any of the following changes to be made on the syllabus:

  • Topics covered
  • The list of graded assignments, their due dates, and their weightage
  • Any penalties for late submissions
  • The date of the last exam or item of work

 4. Receive the assigned grade and any comments on completed assignments within a reasonable time period during the course

  • After the term is completed, grades assigned to all coursework must be available to students no later than 10 working days after the final exam or assignment in the course.
  • Contact the instructor or department to ask about your grades for any coursework evaluated after the end of classes.
  • Note that repeating a course does not remove the previous grade from your transcript, though the new grade may affect your cumulative GPA.

5. Bring a third party to meetings concerning Academic Misconduct and UWinnipeg Housing Appeals

6. Choose to not attend classes or write exams on holy days of your religion

  • Notify your instructor at least two weeks in advance to find an alternative due date or exam date without penalty.
  • The UWinnipeg Senate has a list of religious holidays in the student handbook that are included within school policy.

7. Appeal a grade

  • You can appeal an individual assignment grade or a final course grade if you believe the grade assigned is demonstrably unjust.
  • Act quickly and follow the university’s timelines for these procedures.
  • There is a $45 processing fee for final grade appeals through the university, and a $150 processing fee for all grade appeals for PACE courses. Fees are refunded if your appeal is successful.

8. Appeal for retroactive withdrawal from a course, an exam deferral/incomplete coursework, financial reimbursement, and other forms of appeals

  • Speak with an academic advisor to discuss your situation and learn more about the appeals process, or click here to learn more.

9. Reasonable accommodation for accessibility needs

  • If you have a documented disability or temporary/chronic medical condition, and require accommodations for tests, exams, classes or labs, please contact Accessibility Services at 786-9771 or to discuss appropriate options. To learn more about accessibility accommodations for students, visit Accessibility Services.
  • According to the Accessibility for Manitobans Act (“AMA”),the University must implement measures to identify, prevent and remove barriers to accessibility for persons with disabilities.

10. An educational environment free from discrimination, harassment and violence


1. Bring your concerns, questions, or ideas to the UWSA Board of Directors and Executive Team

  • For a list of current directors, click here.
  • For a list of current executives, click here.
  • If you have a question or concern and don’t know who to ask, click here.

 2. Attend UWSA Board of Directors meetings and speak on motions in Open Session

  • UWSA Board of Directors meetings happen once a month in the UWSA Boardroom.
  • You can be appointed for a Student-at-Large position on one of the Board of Directors Sub-Committees, such as Finances and Operations, Student Life Committee, or Campaigns and External Relations. Appointed students-at-Large can vote in these committee meetings. If you’re interested, e-mail the Chair of the Board at

3. Submit motions and vote on presented motions at UWSA Annual and Special General Meetings

  • To learn more about our past and upcoming general meetings, click here.
  • To learn how to write a motion, click here.

4. Run for a Board of Directors Position, Senate Position, Board of Regents Position or Executive Position in the UWSA General Elections or By-Elections

  • UWSA General Elections happens once a year from February-March. UWSA By-Elections are when students can run for unfilled positions in late September-October.
  • For more details about running for a UWSA position, click here.

5. Vote for your student representatives in the UWSA General Elections and By-Elections

  • You have a right to choose your representatives. Directors are a key link between students and UWSA Executives. The Board of Directors votes on decisions regarding the Health Plan, major UWSA expenses, UWSA events, and more. Directors can also bring your ideas and concerns to UWSA board meetings and keep UWSA executives accountable. Your vote helps decide who represents your community on the Board.

6. Contact your Vice-President Student Affairs regarding housing incidents, grade appeals, academic and non-academic misconduct, or other concerns related to the university

  • Your UWSA Executives are here to make student experience easier. Reach out to us with your concerns.

 7. Use UWSA services and service centres:

  • Foodbank: Provides regular food supplements to University of Winnipeg students and community members in need.
  • Service Centresfor specific communities, including the Women Trans Spectrum Centre, BIPoC Lounge, Access Lounge, and Rainbow Lounge.
  • UWSA Bike Lab: A volunteer-led DIY station for bike repairs and tune-ups
  • Health Plan: Extended health coverage
  • U-Pass: Auniversal subsidized bus pass for the Fall and Winter Term.

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