Health Plan FAQs

1.How do I use my Green Shield coverage?

You can direct bill to Green Shield, or pay and submit a claim.

Direct billing: If your service provider will direct bill to Green Shield, provide your Green Shield ID number and only pay the co-pay amount. Get your Green Shield ID number for easier direct billing

Submit a Claim: You pay the full amount and then submit a claim to Green Shield. Fill out a General Claim Form and attach original receipts and additional documents (see below). You can mail your claim to the addresses at the bottom of the form (there are different addresses for difference services), leave them at the UWSA Health Plan Office or Drop Box and we’ll mail them for you.

2.How do I get reimbursed?

By cheque or direct deposit.

Cheques get mailed to you at home! To set up direct deposit go to Green Shield Online Services and create and account.

3.When do my benefits end for the year?

Each student plan terminates August 31st.
Your coverage begins at the start of the term you begin classes in, and is extended to the end of the year. This date does not change, even if you are not enrolled in spring classes.

4.I heard there are Couple and Family plans. How do I add my family?

Submit an Opt-Change Form by the Opt Change Deadline with the Health Plan Coordinator at If you have any questions about the form, please e-mail

5.I haven’t received my cheque from Green Shield, what do I do?

The best thing to do is call the customer service number, 1-888-711-1119. They can tell you if they have received your claim yet, or if there is a problem with your account. If it turns out that your account has not been activated, see the health plan coordinator or e-mail them at

6.What is my Green Shield identification number? Is it the same for my dependents?

Your number is UWS followed by your student number-00. The two zeros after the dash tells Green Shield that you are the primary plan member. If your spouse has been added to the plan, they will have the same identification number but it will end in –01. Children will be –02, -03, etc, starting with the oldest child.

7.Where can I get a Green Shield ID card? 

You can get your Green Shield ID online at Simply register for Plan Member Online Services using your Green Shield ID # (UWS followed by your student number-00) and you can print one off yourself! And if you have GSC on the Go on your mobile device, you’ll always have an electronic version of your ID card available.

8.I opted out of my plan or opt-changed to add my spouse or dependants last year. Do I have to opt-out/opt-change again this year?

Yes, you do! Your health plan renews every year you’re enrolled in classes. Remember to opt-out/opt-change before the deadline on the website to avoid getting charged.

9.Is massage therapy covered?

Yes. Submit a doctor’s note along with your first claim. This note will remain on your file and be good for one year.

10.I noticed tutorial services are covered. What do I need to get a tutor covered through my health plan?

Private tutorial service are covered by Green Shield for people who have missed school due to a medical reason. You must be confined to home or hospital for a minimum of 15 consecutive days to qualify. Green Shield will cover a qualified teacher up to $15 per hour, up to $1,000 per plan

11.I had to use an ambulance! Is it covered?

Yes it is, don’t worry! However you want to take care of this claim as soon as possible, unless you enjoy talking to collection agencies. If you’ve already paid the bill you can submit the claim and be reimbursed like normal, but if you have not paid it then at the top of the receipt write “please pay directly to Winnipeg Fire Paramedic Services”. This way Green Shield will send the cheque straight to

12. I am an international student and have International Student Insurance through Guard.Me and a Manitoba Health Card equivalent; can I opt out of the UWSA health plan?

Only if you have other extended health insurance. If your study permit is 6 months or more, the Guard.Me insurance includes death and dismemberment benefits, and the Manitoba Health Coverage is basic insurance. The UWSA health plan provides extended coverage, so you cannot opt out unless you have a plan that covers dental, vision, drugs, etc.

13.I saw an advertisement at my dentist’s office saying that I could get a free panoramic x-ray with my student health plan. Is this true?

Yes, kind of. Even though services such as panoramic x-rays may be covered by the student health plan, they should only be used when required. Some companies will advertise “free” services so that they make more money. However, health plan premiums will rise to compensate for the increased number of claims, and the cost of the health plan will go up. Because of this, companies are not allowed to advertise “free” massages, dental work, etc. If you see this type of advertising, please contact the health plan administrator.

14.I’m going to be graduating this year. Is there anyway to get coverage next year until I can find another health plan?

Yes there is! Green Shield’s Prism Continuum Program. Your current Green Shield benefits through the UWSA Health Plan go until August 31. Coverage is guaranteed if you apply within 60 days of your benefits ending, so apply before October 31. For information on cost, coverage, and how to apply visit the Prism Continuum website.

15. I Opted Out, Should I Pay My Fees?

Yes! Opt-outs can take a few weeks to process, but the University recommends that you pay the health plan fees from your tuition payment and pay the rest of your tuition and ancillary fees by the deadline. Once your opt-out is processed and approved, you will receive a refund or credit for your Health Plan fee.

16. Why does it say that my account is ‘not active’ or ‘inactive’ when I try to create my Green Shield Account?

Your Green Shield Account is inactive until the end of the Course Add/Drop Period during the first two weeks of classes every semester. This is because your eligibility and fees change if you drop to part-time or full-time status.  If you need to use your benefits during the ‘black-out period’, please ask your provider for a receipt for insurance, and you should be able to make a retroactive claim once your account is active.

17. I opted-out of the Health Plan but have not received a refund. Where is it?

Refunds and credits will be applied to your University of Winnipeg student account. If you opted-out for the Fall term but are registered for the Winter, your credit will be applied to your Winter Term fees and you will not receive a refund cheque. If you have paid for your fees in full, you will receive a cheque from the University at the end of the term. Please email with questions about your refund status. 

Please note that if you opted-out before the Opt-Out/Opt-Change deadline, there is a chance that the UWSA Health Plan fee was never added to your account, and there is no credit or refund owed. Please check your statement before contacting the UWSA to ensure that you were charged the Health Plan fee. If you opted-out of the Health Plan but can still see the fee on your account, please e-mail

19. I’m an International Student studying from my home country due to Covid-19 restrictions, and have no need to the Blue Cross and Green Shield health insurance plans. Why am I still being charged?

Blue Cross StudentCare is a basic and emergency health plan administered by the University of Winnipeg. With the fluctuating nature of student enrolment and international travel restrictions in 2020-21, some International students are residing in Canada for a portion of their academic year, their entire academic year, or none of their academic year. Since Blue Cross coverage being a legal requirement for International Students, mandatory enrolment in the Blue Cross health plan is required because to ensure that students have access to the coverage they need, no matter when they arrive in Canada. Please send all questions and concerns regarding Blue Cross StudentCare to Student Central at  

Green Shield Health Plan is an extended healthcare coverage administered by the UWSA. It provides services and treatments that are not covered by Blue Cross StudentCare, such as ambulance use, prescription drugs, vision exams, dental work, and Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D). AD&D is important for International students because it covers repatriation of remains, as well as other accidental and tragedy related costs, such as funerals. If you are residing in your home country for the entire term, you may Opt-Out of this coverage by submitting an Opt-Out form at the beginning of each term. However, please be aware that this means that in the event of a tragedy or emergency, any costs related to AD&D will be the responsibility of your family or next of kin. For more information, please email

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