Service Centres

The UWSA Service Centre and Lounges are spaces dedicated to different student communities. For any questions about the service centres and lounges, please email the Program manager at

Access Lounge

The Access Lounge is a space on campus dedicated to students who are disabled by barriers. This space is for those students to study, hang out or complete course work. The Lounge offers; Power operated doors, powered window blinds, dimmable lights, a height adjustable desk, computer with adaptive software, a sofa, and a kettle for tea/coffee. Contact email:

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BIPoC Lounge

The BIPoC Lounge is a dedicated space for Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour to gather and find community. It is a place for them to learn and heal through their understandings and experiences as a BIPoC.  It is a library, study, and hang-out space. Contact email:

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Rainbow Lounge

The Rainbow Lounge is a safe, social space, open to all students with an open and inclusive view of sexuality and gender diversity. The Rainbow Lounge also acts as a referral network to the larger Queer community, particularly within Winnipeg. A large part of what the centre does is educate, support and organize events, both on and off campus, in the hopes of promoting positive attitudes towards 2SLGBTTQ* people. Contact email:

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Women-Trans Spectrum Centre

The Women-Trans Spectrum Centre is an accessible and inclusive resource centre for women and trans students.  The centre offers free resources, including free condoms (exterior and interior), lubricant, dental dams, as well as free pads, tampons, and pregnancy tests. Contact email:

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