Student Groups

Student Groups

If you have any questions about Campus Activity Requests please visit the University of Winnipeg’s page: Campus Activity Request

Being a part of a student group is a great way to get involved on your university campus. Joining a student group can help you connect with other students on campus that share similar interests. You can join an existing student group or start your own.

There are two kinds of student groups:

Recognized Groups
This group is comprised of a majority of current University of Winnipeg students. The group must not have any positions that are paid by an outside organization(s), or have consistent funding or support from external organizations or chapters with the exception of the University of Winnipeg and its academic departments or the Canadian Federation of Students.
Only Recognized Groups may apply for additional funding.

Affiliated Groups
This group is comprised of University of Winnipeg students and non-University of Winnipeg students, including community members and members from external organizations or institutions. Affiliated Groups may have consistent funding or support from external organizations or chapters.*All student groups must complete our online Positive Space training before being approved.
You can find the training here

The benefits of Recognized and Affiliated Student Groups are as follows: 

  1. Group listing on the UWSA Website; 
  2. Promotions opportunities as prepared by the Vice President External Affairs in coordination with the Events Manager; 
  3. Free “Zoom Room Bookings” of over 1 Hour upon request;
  4. A yearly printing budget of $20 for Affiliated Groups and at least $20 for Recognized Groups; 
  5. Event discounts as determined by the Events Manager; 
  6. Accounting services through the Business Manager;
  7. The opportunity for Recognized Student Groups to make Student Group funding requests to expand their printing budget; cover start-up costs; for supplies, promotion, or events;
  8. Free UWSA space bookings.

Please read our Student Groups Policy: Student Group Policy
Please complete our online Positive Space Training: Online Positive Space Training

For more information, contact the Vice-President External Affairs, Jonathan Henderson at or 431-336-4425.

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