Volunteering at the UWSA

We’re looking for volunteers to support our services, events, and to help engage students around our campaigns. When we have other volunteer opportunities you can sign up to them here: theuwsa.ca/general-volunteer

UWSA Foodbank Volunteer

The volunteer-driven UWSA Foodbank was created to provide regular food supplements during the year to University of Winnipeg students and community members in need. Though it operates primarily in conjunction with Harvest Manitoba, the Foodbank actively seeks additional donations from university groups and other community-based organizations. Volunteers must be available on Fridays from 12PM – 5PM to be eligible to apply.

Click here to apply: theuwsa.ca/foodbank-volunteer

UWSA Bike Lab Volunteer

Established in 2011, the UWSA Bike Lab is the central hub for cyclers in Winnipeg’s downtown core. It’s an easily accessible on-campus maintenance pit-stop for students and community members. The lab hosts workshops for all skill levels and it is also open during the week for cyclists to drop-by and work on their bikes.

Click here to apply: theuwsa.ca/bikelab-volunteer

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