UWSA Elections

The UWSA 2023 By-Election has started.

UPDATE: The Nomination Form has been updated as it was missing the UWSA Senator positions. Apologies for any inconvenience.

Key Dates:

UWSA elections, as per Section 5 of our By-laws, run on a six-week cycle. 

Nomination Period:  September 18 – 28 by 6:00 PM.
Download the nomination form HERE.

All Candidates Training and Campaign Preparation Period: October 2 – 13
Mandatory Photo Days (all candidates must book a 15-minute session):Tuesday, October 3 – Thursday October 5 from 10AM – 3PM
Mandatory Election Training Day (all candidates MUST attend): Tuesday, October 10 from 10AM – 2PM
Campaign Period: October  16 – 25
Voting Period: October 23 – 25 by 6:00 PM

Vacant Positions

  • Environmental Ethics Director
  • Recreation and Athletics Director
  • Women, Trans & Non-Binary Students’ Director
  • UWSA Senator

Candidate Guide 

By Election_Candidate Guide 2023

Governing documents 

In accordance with the By-law 5 – Elections and Referenda, the 2023 UWSA General Election will be held online and in-person with virtual and in-person balloting and campaigning.

Candidates can review Election By-Laws in Sections 4 and 5 of the UWSA By-Laws. 

Appeals and Complaints 

The Chief Elections Commissioner and General Manager are responsible for ensuring a fair and unbiased election and managing all complaints, disputes, and violations of the By-Laws. Any member of the association can file a complaint against a campaign. 

Complaints about nominations and polling may be reported to the Acting General Manager at t.hanan@theuwsa.ca. Conduct complaints, including disputes between election campaign participants, may be reported to the Acting General Manager. Complaints regarding the conduct of the CEC or the Acting General Manager may be reported directly to the chair of the EAB at chair@theuwsa.ca. 

The Election Accountability Board (EAB) comprises the Chief Operating Officer (COO), the Chair of the Board of Directors, and one additional member as selected by the COO. The EAB acts on behalf of the UWSA membership to support the Election Staff in managing a fair and transparent election and referenda process.

Election Staff Contacts

Thomas Hanan
Acting General Manager
Email: t.hanan@theuwsa.ca

Khushneet Kaur
Chief Elections Commissioner (CEC)
Email: cec@theuwsa.ca

University of Winnipeg
University of Winnipeg
University of Winnipeg