UWSA Elections

UWSA General Elections
The General Election is where students can run for an Executive Team position (President, Vice-President External Affairs, Vice-President Student Affairs), a Board of Director position, a Senate position or a Board of Regents seat.

How Do I Run?
To run, interested students will have to fill out a Nomination Form and submit it to Chief Elections Commissioner before the end of the Nomination Period. Nomination forms will be available online and in the UWSA General Offices from February 3 – 13.

You can also vote on the U-Pass Referendum during the voting period. Learn all about the U-Pass program and the referendum here: U-Pass FAQs

Key Dates:
UWSA elections, as per Section 5 of our By-laws, run on a four week cycle.

Weeks 1 and 2: Candidate Nominations and Referendum Submissions
Week 3: Campaigning
Week 4: Campaigning and Voting

Candidate Speeches:
February 24 & 26 | 12.30 PM onwards | The Hive
Find out if your representatives care about the same issues that you do before you cast your vote.

Vote At/On:

March 2, 3 and 4 | 9am – 6pm
Riddell Hall, Richardson Centre, Merchant’s Corner

March 2 | 10am – 3 pm | Wii Chiiwaakanak Centre

March 3 | 9am – 6pm | Buhler Centre

March 4 | 9.30am – 11.30am | Buhler Centre
March 4 | 12pm – 4pm | Centennial Hall (3rd Floor)

Get to know your candidates! Click here to read Candidate Bios in the Voter Guide: 2020 GE Voter Guide

2020 UWSA General Election Candidates

President of the UWSA
Jibril Hussein
Kirt Hayer
Mahlet Cuff

Vice-President Student Affairs of the UWSA
Melanie William
Noelle Sagher
Reza Saker

Vice-President External Affairs of the UWSA
Alex Ilesanmi
Breanna M. Belisle
Shawna Péloquin

UWSA Senator
Ada Chukwudozie
Cheta D. Akaluka

Accessibility Director 
Sarah Anderson

Arts Director
Wesley Fallis

Business and Economics Director
Harsimrat S. Malhotra

Community Liason Director
Celina Clements

Graduate Student Director
Alexandra K. Nychuk and Nadia M. Chaharsoughi (Co-Directors)

International Students’ Director
Elsa Owusu and Onyinye F. Idigbe (Co-Directors)
Harshleen Singh

Racialized Students’ Director
Ella Taylor

 2SLGBT* Director
Jacob K. Antman


The City of Winnipeg has made a fee increase mandatory to continue offering the U-Pass.

Are you in favour of a U-Pass fee increase of $24.50 per term, amounting to a total U-Pass fee of $160.75 per term (adjusted annually for inflation), to continue providing unlimited access to Winnipeg Transit services for students?

Respond with a Yes or No vote:

  • Yes, I am in favour of the U-Pass fee increase
  • No, I vote to end the U-Pass

*This referendum is open to be voted on by all students. Sides can register by completing a nomination form, available by request from the CEC at cec@theuwsa.ca. Registration deadlines for referendum sides (either opposing or not-opposing) is February 28, 2020 at 4 p.m.

U-Pass Referendum Side Registration Form
U-Pass Referenda Side Nomination Form

Election Forms:
UWSA Election Appeals Form
UWSA Election Complaint Form

Click here for the 2020 Election Complaint Rulings.


Shenal Fernando
Chief Elections Commissioner
Please e-mail to make an appointment during office hours.

Office Hours: 
Feb 24: 9AM – 2PM
Feb 25: 3.45PM – 5PM
Feb 26: 9AM – 2PM
Feb 27: 10AM – 1PM
Feb 28: 3PM – 5PM
March 2: 8AM – 7PM
March 3: 8AM – 7PM
March 4: 8AM – 7PM
March 5: 10AM – 12PM
March 6: 3PM – 5PM

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