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March 13th, 2020

In light of the current public health situation, UWSA is taking precautionary measures essential to the safety of all students, staff, and community. In order to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus, we are making some changes to the way we work, in line with University of Winnipeg’s response and Public Health Agency of Canada’s guidelines.

Until in-person classes resume, all non-essential UWSA services, services centres, offices and events are closed until further notice. UWSA Executive and staff will be working remotely and available via e-mail.

Here is a list of all services that will be affected:


Advocacy services are being offered virtually through your VP Student Affairs. Please e-mail Melanie William at vpsa@theuwsa.ca for more information.

Info Booth will be closed until in-person classes resume. Students can e-mail or call Info Booth staff with their U-Pass and Health Plan concerns at infobooth@theuwsa.ca and 204-786-9787.

Campaigns continue via our website and social media. Please e-mail vpea@theuwsa.ca for more information.

All service centres, including Access Lounge, Bike Lab, BIPoC Lounge, Foodbank, Rainbow Lounge, WTSC, and Safewalk will be closed till further notice. Please visit the Foodbank page and follow the steps to access Foodbank at an external location.

UWSA Daycare is closed to public but operating as an childcare facility for emergency response workers.


In keeping with federal and provincial health guidelines and public health requests to reduce large-group interactions, all upcoming events – including our Annual General Meeting and Decolonizing Sexual Health w/Ericka Hart, will be postponed to later spring. This includes all event and meeting bookings in UWSA spaces. Concerned parties will be contacted directly regarding their bookings and all payments will be refunded.

The March 26 Board Meeting will still happen in an online capacity in order to address some essential operational issues.

For a list of University closures and interruptions of service, please visit Campus Updates on COVID-19. News will be posted there as soon as it is available.

While we understand that these changes will affect the lives of our members and staff, we are doing everything we can to reduce risk and for your well-being. We’d like to thank you for your patience as we figure out the next steps.

Please check our website for current and accurate updates on the situation and follow all government-recommended health, safety and travel guidelines outlined on UWinnipeg’s website.

A statement on the proposed elimination of the U-Pass program

March 10th, 2020



Winnipeg, March 9, 2020 –
On March 6, 2020. The City of Winnipeg’s Executive Policy Committee’s proposed to end the U-Pass program in their draft budget. This cut will severely affect accessibility and affordability of post-secondary education and transit for students.

90 per cent of University of Winnipeg students activated their U-Pass, with over 53 per cent using it on a daily basis. From March 2 to 4, UWinnipeg students demonstrated their commitment by voting to accept the $24.50 per term fee increase that was proposed by the City of Winnipeg Standing Policy Committee.

UWSA Vice-President Student Affairs, Noelle Sagher says, “Eliminating the U-Pass is an attack on all students, especially the most marginalized. Students need the U-Pass to access an institution that is already inaccessible. We will do everything in our power to make sure the city listens to thousands of students who just voted to keep U-Pass.”

The U-Pass program offers a financially and environmentally sustainable mode of transportation for students. The committee is planning to launch a low-income bus pass, which offers a 30 per cent subsidy compared to U-Pass’s 50 per cent. The low-income bus pass will not be available to a majority of students, especially those who do not meet the household income cut off and international students. All post-secondary students will have access to the post-secondary pass, which will be double the price of the U-Pass.

“We need to be figuring out ways to reduce barriers for students, not increase them. Instead of making students work for transit by having to fill multiple forms, we need to make transit work for students,” UWSA Vice-President External Affairs, Mahlet Cuff says.

UWSA is organizing a campaign to ensure that the City of Winnipeg acknowledges student demand for the U-Pass and continues a program that invested in our transit system, increased financial and environmentally sustainability, and makes post-secondary education more accessible. We are asking all students to contact the offices of the Mayor and your city councillor to demand the continuation of the U-Pass program. More information will be available at theuwsa.ca and on social media @theuwsa.

About UWSA

Established in 1972, the University of Winnipeg Students’ Association democratically unites the students of the University of Winnipeg in order to advance student interests. As well as promoting communication within the University, the UWSA advocates on behalf of students to administrative bodies.


For further information, contact:

Shreya Jhunjhunwala
Communications Manager
The University of Winnipeg Students’ Association
0R30 – 515 Portage Avenue
Winnipeg MB R3B 2E9
(204) 786-9867

Unofficial 2020 General Election Results

March 5th, 2020

Congratulations to all the winners! Here are the unofficial 2020 General Election Results*:

U-Pass Referendum
Yes: 1110
No: 221
Spoiled: 11
Total: 1342

Kirt Hayer: 472
Mahlet Cuff: 333
Jibril Hussein: 515
Spoiled: 5

Vice-President External Affairs
Breanna Belilse: 563
Alex Ilesanmi: 404
Shawna Peloquin: 259
Spoiled: 18

Vice-President Student Affairs
Noelle Sagher: 274
Melanie William: 623
Reza Saker: 288
Spoiled: 22

Accessibility Director
Sarah Anderson
Yes: 1033
No: 88
Spoiled: 5

Arts Director
Wesley Fallis
Yes: 918
No: 163
Spoiled: 5

Business and Economics Director
Harsimrat S. Malhotra
Yes: 1059
No: 116
Spoiled: 10

Community Liaison Director
Celina Clements
Yes: 919
No: 104
Spoiled: 5

Graduate Students’ Director
Alexandra K. Nychuk and Nadia M. Chaharsoughi (Co-Directors)
Yes: 973
No: 132
Spoiled: 5

International Students’ Director
Elsa Owusu and Onyinye F. Idigbe (Co-Directors): 715
Harshleen Singh: 586
Spoiled: 9

 2SLGBT* Director
Jacob K. Antman
Yes: 958
No: 173
Spoiled: 6

Racialized Students’ Director
Ella Taylor
Yes: 975
No: 145
Spoiled: 9

UWSA Senator
Ada Chukwudozie: 816
Cheta D. Akaluka: 551
Spoiled: 4

Total Votes Cast: 1371

*Results are unofficial till ratified by the Board of Directors.

UWSA Election Complaint Ruling March 4

March 4th, 2020

Recent Rulings for General Election 2020
Complaint Ruling March 4 – March 4/0950 AM

Election Complaints will be reviewed by the Chief Elections Commissioner who will make a ruling or provide a written rationale for why a complaint is not valid. Appeals can be made to the REBLITE Board

Please see Section V of the UWSA By-Laws.

If you would like to submit a complaint, please fill out the form below:

You can find the form here: UWSA Election Complaint Form

If you would like to submit an Election Appeal to the REBLITE Board, please fill out the form below:

You can find the form here: UWSA Election Appeals Form

UWSA 2020 General Election Voting

February 28th, 2020

Share your voice with a vote in the 2020 UWSA General Elections!

Voting is from 9 AM – 6 PM from Monday, March 2 to Wednesday, March 4.

Vote at/on:

March 2, 3 and 4 | 9am – 6pm
Riddell Hall, Richardson Centre, Merchant’s Corner

March 2 | 10am – 3 pm | Wii Chiiwaakanak Centre

March 3 | 9am – 6pm | Buhler Centre

March 4 | 9.30am – 11.30am | Buhler Centre
March 4 | 12pm – 4pm | Centennial Hall (3rd Floor)

Get to know your candidates! Click here to read Candidate Bios in the Voter Guide: 2020 GE Voter Guide

The U-Pass referendum is up for voting for the elections! Learn all about the U-Pass program and the referendum here: U-Pass FAQs

Questions? Email us at cec@theuwsa.ca.

Candidate Speeches for the 2020 General Elections!

February 22nd, 2020

The candidates for the UWSA General Elections are students just like you. They represent your faculties and communities to the UWSA and the University.

Find out if your representatives care about the same issues as you before you cast your vote.

Attend Candidate Speeches at:
The Hive
February 24 & 26
12.30 – 1:30 PM

Learn more about your election candidates and make an informed vote in the 2020 General Elections.

Can’t make it to the event? Click here to read Candidate Bios in the Voter’s Guide. 

Speech Schedule:

Monday, Feb 24 – Candidates for:
UWSA Senator
Accessibility Director
International Students’ Director
Arts Director
Community Liason Director
Vice-President External Affairs

Wednesday, Feb 26 – Candidates for:
Graduate Student Director
Racialized Students’ Director
Business and Economics Director
Vice-President Student Affairs
2SLGBT* Director
President of the UWSA

Please e-mail events@theuwsa.ca for written copies of the speeches, accessible seating and other accessibility requests.

2020 UWSA General Election Candidates

February 14th, 2020

Here are your 2020 UWSA General Election Candidates!

President of the UWSA
Jibril Hussein
Kirt Hayer
Mahlet Cuff

Vice-President Student Affairs of the UWSA
Melanie William
Noelle Sagher
Reza Saker

Vice-President External Affairs of the UWSA
Alex Ilesanmi
Breanna M. Belisle
Shawna Péloquin

UWSA Senator
Ada Chukwudozie
Cheta D. Akaluka

Accessibility Director 
Sarah Anderson

Arts Director
Wesley Fallis

Business and Economics Director
Harsimrat S. Malhotra

Community Liason Director
Celina Clements

Graduate Student Director
Alexandra K. Nychuk and Nadia M. Chaharsoughi (Co-Directors)

International Students’ Director
Elsa Owusu and Onyinye F. Idigbe (Co-Directors)
Harshleen Singh

Racialized Students’ Director
Ella Taylor

 2SLGBT* Director
Jacob K. Antman


The City of Winnipeg has made a fee increase mandatory to continue offering the U-Pass.

Are you in favour of a U-Pass fee increase of $24.50 per term, amounting to a total U-Pass fee of $160.75 per term (adjusted annually for inflation), to continue providing unlimited access to Winnipeg Transit services for students?

Respond with a Yes or No vote:

  • Yes, I am in favour of the U-Pass fee increase
  • No, I vote to end the U-Pass

*This referendum is open to be voted on by all students. Sides can register by completing a nomination form, available by request from the CEC at cec@theuwsa.ca. Registration deadlines for referendum sides (either opposing or not-opposing) is February 28, 2020 at 4 p.m.

For information on where and how to vote, visit theuwsa.ca/elections. 

Last day to Nominate Yourself for the UWSA General Elections

February 13th, 2020

Today is the last day to nominate yourself to run in the UWSA General Elections!

Submit your nomination forms to the CEC or in the health plan drop box in Riddell Hall by 6 PM today. Download the nomination forms and find more details here. 

REBLITE Ruling - Feb 10, 2020

February 12th, 2020

Referenda and Elections By-law Interpretation and Transparent Enforcement Board Meeting February 11, 2020 7 p.m.
UWSA Boardroom

On November 10th, David Teffaine and Kierra Ryner were found to be in violation of 5.24.i for pre- campaigning. The CEC decided to disqualify both candidates invoking clause 5.21.iv.a.4. The decision made by the CEC was appealed by David and Kierra.

On Nov 20th 2019 David Teffaine was found to be pre-campaigning in violation of By Law 5.24.i according to the CEC. The CEC’s decision was to disqualify David Teffaine from the election based on clause 5.21.iv.a.4 to implement supplementary rules.

In the case of Kierra Ryner, Kierra has also been found to be in violation of by-law 5.24.i. The REBLITE Board recognizes the severity of these violations. The appeal and all supplemental interventions were sent by David on behalf of himself and Kierra, satisfactorily demonstrating to the board that they were working as a team.

The REBLITE Board is tasked with ensuring a fair and impartial process and upholding the UWSA by- laws and policies in regards to the election. The CEC is accountable to the REBLITE board and the board finds the CEC’s ruling fairly demonstrates and rectifies the aforementioned violation of the election rules, as per 5.33.iii.e.

REBLITE has determined to uphold the rulings of the CEC.
The REBLITE Board’s ruling is final, binding, and may not be appealed, as per Section 5.31.x.

Click here to view all 2020 General Election Rulings.

Nominations Open for the 2020 UWSA General Election!

February 2nd, 2020

Nominate yourself in the 2020 UWSA General Election to run for a Board of Director, Executive Director, Board of Regents Representative, or Senator position!

To run, interested students will have to fill out a Nomination Form and submit it to Chief Elections Commissioner (CEC) before 6 PM of February 13. Nomination forms are available online, in the UWSA General Offices from February 3 – 13.

Interested in running? Click here for a PDF of the Candidate Guide or pick up a copy at the UWSA General Office!

For more information, check out theuwsa.ca/elections or e-mail the CEC at cec@theuwsa.ca

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