Positive Space Training for Student Groups

The UWSA’s Positive Space Training is intended for student group leaders, coordinators, and all UWSA ambassadors. The UWSA is committed to the values of Positive Space including respect, continual reflection, love and courage. The following questions and available answers were created through consultation with University of Winnipeg students who have a keen understanding of anti-oppression work as well as the UWSA’s Board of Directors. A scoring rubric has also been created for the purpose of fairly and accurately grading responses.

If in the process of this training you feel frustrated or confused, that’s ok. This Training aims to create a dialogue around a complex, nuanced, and subjective ways in which oppression, marginalization, and privilege can occur. Some questions may have more than one correct answer. When questions have multiple answers that can be selected, this means that multiple responses must be submitted to be completely correct. When questions only offer the ability to select one answer, you must choose the best overall answer. You will be selecting the best possible answer from answers that range from overall best, good answers, less desirable answers, and bad answers.

Successfully completing this training is the only evidence of your participation in a difficult and ongoing discussion around oppression, marginalization, and privilege.

Thank you for participating in the conversation. After watching the training video, please fill out the questionnaire. The General Manager will respond by email once your training has been submitted.



Relevant University of Winnipeg Policies (for reference):

Respectful Working and Learning Environment Policy
Respectful Working and Learning Environment Procedure
Sexual Misconduct Protocol

Online Positive Space Training

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  • If you are taking this training on behalf of a student group, please identify which group.

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