Supporting students affected by the attacks on Ukraine

On February 24th, the Russian military launched an attack on Ukraine. We are deeply concerned for the safety of UofW students affected by this, and we hope for the de-escalation and resolution to the war.

UWSA President, Kirt Hayer, says, “This isn’t just a war between two countries, but a fight between democracy and authoritarianism. My motto as a student leader is freedom and democracy, power to the students. The leadership of Vladimir Putin is not democratic and is a threat to freedom everywhere. Citizens in those regions are victims of Putin’s leadership, and I stand with the freedom-loving people of the world in opposition to Vladimir Putin and the invasion taking place in Ukraine.”
We are extending our support to any students being affected by this invasion. We especially want to extend our sympathy and support to international students living/from all affected regions. This is a time of uncertainty, and we urge everybody to reach out to their friends, their loved ones, and provide their support to anyone affected.
“I want to extend my deepest sympathy and prayers for all the innocent citizens caught in this war. My prayers and thoughts are, also, with our loved ones of our University of Winnipeg family that are from the affected region,” says the UWSA Vice President External Affairs (VPEA), Jonathan Henderson. “To our international students of Ukraine and Russia, and for those from our U of W family; students, faculty, and staff with family, friends, and roots, in/from Ukraine and Russia, my deepest empathy, support, love, and prayers from my entire heart. We will do our best to offer support, and if you need support, please reach out.”
We have compiled a list of resources students can access. In addition, we will explore more options to further assist impacted students. If you have any questions, please contact the UWSA VPEA, Jonathan Henderson, at

List of resources:

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