False allegations on Social Media

Dear Members,

Some of you may have seen posts in social media accusing the former Vice-President Internal Affairs of misconduct. The UWSA can confirm that no funds were embezzled or donated to political parties and that these allegations are entirely false and defamatory in nature.  The UWSA is considering pursuing legal action against those responsible for the slanderous comments made on social media.

As was publicly communicated in social media and via our website in the fall of 2019, the VPIA was removed due to conflict of interest, and this process was transparently shared with the UWSA Board of Directors, and voted on in Closed Session, as per the processes outlined in the UWSA Bylaws. Privacy and labour legislation prohibit personnel matters, which are confidential, to be disclosed publicly.

For more information on how UWSA student fees are used, you can access the budget on the website, here: https://theuwsa.ca/budget/

The UWSA encourages students’ questions regarding how UWSA funds are used, and invites all members to attend the AGM in March, where the budget and financial reports of the organization are delivered publicly, including an appraisal by an external auditor.

If you have any further questions, please contact us at communications@theuwsa.ca.



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