Do you think your textbooks are way too expensive? #Textbroke is a campaign advocating for free and low-cost textbooks for students, also known as Open Access Resources (OAR). The campaign is asking professors to adopt Open Educational Resources (OER), which are texts that can be shared, updated, localized, and kept up to date.

There are two ways to help out!

  1. You can fill out our Online Survey that we’ll compile the responses and send it to the UWinnipeg faculty and administration.
  2. During your course evaluations let your professors know how much you spent on textbooks and how useful you found them.

For information on why OER is important you can contact the VPEA, Zee Morales at vpea@theuwsa.ca

For information on available OER alternatives contact Scholarly Communications and Copyright Librarian, Brianne Selman at b.selman@uwinnipeg.ca

Please visit the #Textbroke page for additional information.


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