The University of Winnipeg’s Pre-Veterinary Club (UWPVC)

The purpose of the University of Winnipeg’s Pre-Veterinary Club is to first and foremost bring together like-minded students withthe common interest of Veterinary Medicine. Students will be able to talk with students intending to apply to a veterinary medicineprogram, and the common goals and challenges that they share. The group will benefit from each member’s individualexperiences and will be able to support one another during their time at the University of Winnipeg. My hope is to provide studentswith access to reliable sources of veterinary information, information on volunteer opportunities, easy access to news anddevelopments in the veterinary industry, access to presentations from veterinary professionals in Manitoba, insight into thechallenges currently facing the field (shortage of veterinarians, mental-health struggles, etc.), and anything else students expressan interest in. I have been working in a vet clinic for over 3 years, so I hope I can share my experiences with fellow students, and Ihope that more experienced students can share theirs with the group as well.

Membership is open to all students currently working towards applying to a Veterinary College, however the UWPVC welcomesany student interested in veterinary medicine, as we will be sharing lots of resources & information within the group.To join, please email or reach out via DM on Instagram, @uwprevetclub.



Meetings will be held monthly via Zoom or Discord. Our meeting schedule is subject to change during busy times of the year (i.e.exam season). There is no obligation to attend meetings.


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