BIPoC Lounge

*The BIPoC Lounge is closed until further notice. Students can e-mail for any assistance.*

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The BIPoC Lounge is a dedicated space for Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour to gather and find community. It is a place for them to learn and heal through their understandings and experiences as a BIPoC.  It is a library, study, and hang-out space. BIPoC Lounge also hosts SOCC (Students of Colour Collective) meetings once a month.

Location: Concourse Level, Bulman Student Centre


Hours:  10 – 4 pm

Contact: Programs Assistant Christina Cook at | BIPoC Lounge Coordinator, Bonique Dawiskiba-Clark at 

Meetings: First Tuesday of the Month | 3:30 – 4:40 PM

Access: Please contact the BIPoC Lounge Coordinator or visit the UWSA General Office to get access to the lounge.

Origin: The BIPoC lounge was started in 2018 because of the need for spaces at the University of Winnipeg to be inclusive of BIPoC individuals on campus and in the surrounding community. Also, through the student group, Students of Colour Collective (SOCC). It was made possible through the support of 2018/19 team – President Morgan Brightnose, VPIA Brenden Gali, and VPEA Zee Morales. 

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