Farmer’s Protest in India enters its Eighth Month

Many South Asian students at the UofW have expressed concerns about the Farmer’s Protest in Delhi, India. I recognize the importance of the protest, which has entered its eighth month of demonstrations.

Beginning as local protests by farmers in individual states in India, the Farmer’s Protest movement transitioned and escalated into a national demonstration in the capital of India. The farmers have been protesting in opposition to three unfair agricultural bills. This movement is being called the largest protest in human history and is crucial to farmers in India and many Indian students at The University of Winnipeg. As well, this protest has led to demonstrations in cities across the world, including in Winnipeg.

In solidarity with this global movement, I recognize that these agricultural policies are detrimental to the interests and livelihoods of Indian farmers. The agricultural policies proposed by the Indian Government create an opportunity for exploitation of farmers by private corporations. In countries across the world, the farm industry is heavily dependent on government subsidies and services.

In place of the lack of government support, I want to thank organizations such as Khalsa Aid that currently ensure that support for farmers. Our hearts and prayers go out to those affected domestically and internationally, within and outside the University of Winnipeg community.


Kirtaveer Singh Hayer

UWSA President


University of Winnipeg
University of Winnipeg
University of Winnipeg