UWSA Health Plan Opt-Out/Opt-In/Opt-Change Deadline: May 20

Tomorrow, May 20. is the last day to Opt-Out, Opt-Change, or Opt-In for the UWSA Green Shield Health Plan for students enrolled in Spring-Summer Courses. 

Please note that only students starting classes in the Spring/Summer term can Opt-Out/Opt-Change right now. Students who started in Fall or Winter can Opt-Out/Opt-Change in September/January. Coverage is mandatory for International Students. 

All Opt-Outs are processed online. Please have your student number handy. Click here to Opt-Out.

Download the form here and submit it to optchange@theuwsa.ca to join the plan or add a partner or dependent to your plan.

For more information, contact Emmanuel Iwuoha e.iwuoha@theuwsa.ca


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