A goodbye message from index

Dear Friends,

After three wonderful years of service, index will be closing its doors on March 29, 2019.

A consistent decline in financial sustainability made it clear to us that closing index, with intention and thoughtfulness, was the responsible and right thing to do. The UWSA is refocusing its finances to continue providing services that will support its membership in diverse ways.

When considering the effect of this closure, our first priority was our student employees. We are supporting their transition to different positions at the UWSA, and are grateful for their enthusiasm and service to Index over the past few years.

Students that have consigned books through index have to pick up their books by the last day of their contract, which is March 31, 2019. Queries regarding book consignment can be forwarded to the Retail Manager, Emmanuel Iwuoha at retail@theuwsa.ca. Printing services and lab-manual sales will be shifting to Info Booth soon after closure.

We are grateful for the support of students and the campus community, and we hope to see you in our last month of operation.



University of Winnipeg
University of Winnipeg
University of Winnipeg