2019 General Election Unofficial Voting Results

*Results are Unofficial until ratified by the UWSA Board of Directors

President of the UWSA
Meagan Malcolm
Yes: 143
No: 14

Vice-President Student Affairs of the UWSA
Noelle Sagher
Yes: 138
No: 20

Vice-President External Affairs of the UWSA
Mahlet Cuff
Yes: 132
No: 21

Vice-President Internal Affairs of the UWSA
Natasha Reimer
Yes: 139
No: 17

UWSA Senator
Braeden Broschuk
Yes: 129
No: 16

Accessibility Director 
Sarah Anderson and Loc Trinh (Co-Directors)
Yes: 144
No: 8

Arts Director
Wesley Fallis
Yes: 129
No: 8

Business and Economics Director
Anne-Cecile Panchaud: 89
Jibril Ladir: 61

Science Director
Ryan Nykvist
Yes: 133
No: 18

Environmental Ethics Director
Avery Letkemann
Yes: 145
No: 9

Graduate Student Director
Theresa Mackey and Racheal Kalaba (Co-directors)
Yes: 134
No: 10

International Students’ Director
Alex Ilesanmi
Yes: 143
No: 12

Racialized Students’ Director
Ella Taylor
Yes: 138
No: 11

Recreation and Athletics Director
Himal Parekh
Yes: 133
No: 10

Do you support increasing the Student Refugee Program student levy by $1.69?
Yes: 118
No: 41


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