Our By-Election Cycle Starts Monday!

Right now, our board has a few vacant positions. Our By-Election happens each fall, in order for students to run and fill these positions. Nominations begin on Oct. 5th, and forms will be available in the UWSA offices 0R30 and Index, first floor Lockhart by the HIVE.

The vacancies are:

Student Living Director
This director liaises with the Department Housing and Student Life as well as advocating around the cost of living and tenants’ rights

Environmental Ethics Director
This director advocates for environmental issues and would pair in with the EcoPIA Director

Community Liaison
This director participates with community organizations, political campaigns, and assists with the UWSA Foodbank.

Science Director
A Bachelor of Science student who would represent science students’ interests to the Board of Directors

Recreation and Athletics Director
This director coordinates and promotes athletic and recreation activities on campus, improving visibility and accessibility for participation in recreation and athletic programs or departments, intramural, equity in gender and ability, liaises with Duckworth and Health & RecPlex administrators.

If you have questions about running, you can contact the Chief Elections Commissioner at cec@theuwsa.ca.

You can download the nomination form here: Nomination Form 2015/16


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