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  • Graduation Portrait Session 2023

    February 1st, 2023

    Grad Photos 2023

    Book your session online by clicking here.

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  • Update to membership regarding conclusion of investigation and full exoneration of UWSA President Kirt Hayer on alleged conduct violations during the 2022 UWSA General Election

    January 31st, 2023

    In May of 2022, at the direction of the Board, the UWSA Chief Operating Officer engaged legal counsel to independently investigate allegations that current UWSA President Kirt Hayer had violated UWSA elections bylaws and policies while running for office.

    The allegations were submitted in three complaints received in March of 2022.

    After a thorough and exhaustive process, the investigators have determined that one of the complaints was dealt with appropriately by the Elections Accountability Board. Regarding the other two, one was based on an unsubstantiated claim where investigators found no proof of the UWSA President trying to coerce a candidate to drop out of the election as alleged.

    The second allegation of racist comments was unfounded, which was confirmed by the subject of the alleged comments.

    UWSA President Kirt Hayer is fully exonerated of these allegations. This concludes the investigation.

    You may view the full Investigation report here: Investigation Report 20230131

    2022 UWSA General Election Accountability Board Reports:


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  • Bell Let's Talk Day and UWinnipeg

    January 23rd, 2023

    This week The University of Winnipeg is creating a week of wellness-related activities leading up to Bell Let’s Talk Day (Wednesday, January 25).

    Events/things you can find on campus related to mental health:

    For more information on what The University of Winnipeg is doing, please visit their page here:

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  • UWSA Election Reforms Approved

    January 19th, 2023

    On Wednesday, January 18, the Board of Director Meeting occurred. One of the agenda items was to review the UWSA Elections Reform Proposal. The UWSA Board of Directors has decided to approve the proposal.

    You can read the full changes here: UWSA Election Reforms Package January 2023

    The major Election rule changes are: 

    1. Election Cycle:
      • The Election will be a 6-week cycle from a 5-week cycle. (Two Nomination weeks, two All Candidates’ Training and Preparation weeks, one Campaign Week, and one Voting Week.)
      • Removal of the All Candidates Meeting.
      • One-day mandatory training session.
    2. Election Management:
      • Removal and relocation of Election Campaign Faciliatatoes (ECFs) duties to General Manager.
      • Election Accountability Board (EAB) membership change. EAB will consist of the Chief Operation Officer (COO), the Chair of the Board, and one UWSA Staff Member as selected by the COO.
    3. Campaign Material and Preparation:
      • Candidates can design and create any of their campaign materials (print and digital). The UWSA Communications Team is available to assist upon request and availability.
    4. Campaign Expenses Budget:
      • Uncontested, non-executive directorship shall have $50 per position.
      • Contested, non-executive directorship shall have $100 per position.
      • Executive directorship shall have $100 per position.
      • Referenda sides shall have $150.
    5. Terms of Office:
      • Removal of two-year terms for Executive Directors.
    6. Slates:
      • This means two (2) or more candidates who are members of a single campaign, each running for a different position.
      • Executive Candidates who want to register with a slate must notify the CEC and General Manager via email or in writing before 4PM on Thursday of Week 3.
      • Slates can only include Executive Directorship candidates.

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