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  • Truth and Growth Workshop: Engineering Dialogue

    June 17th, 2021

    June 25, 6-7:30PM

    Pre-register here:

    Facilitator: Community Liaison Director, Shawna Péloquin

    “Engineering Dialogue” is an interactive workshop that aims to explore the many barriers that youth may face when facilitating or participating in dialogues among peers and/or adults. What can we do to strengthen the safe space within ourselves so we can carry that energy forward to new environments? How can we relate to and empathize with peers from different walks of life? This workshop will guide participants through various challenges and activities as they improve their social toolkit to engineer dialogues in their communities.

    Questions? Email or visit

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  • Pride Month Resources

    June 15th, 2021

    June is Pride Month, and it’s dedicated to uplifting, celebrating, and supporting the 2SLGBTQ* community. The UWSA directors and staff have compiled 2SLGBTQ* resources and recommendations containing shows, movies, podcasts, local businesses, and organizations.


    1. You Should See Me In a Crown by Leah Johnson
    2. Honey Girl by Morgan Rogers
    3. Hello Cruel World by Kate Bornstein
    4. My Gender Workbook by Kate Bornstein
    5. Chelsea Girls by Eileen Myles


    1. Clothing: Chips Vintage, Shop Take Care, Reclaim Mending, Closet Space Market, Vantage Vintage, PJ Vintage
    2. Masks:
    3. Beauty: Accent’aigu Nailz
    4. Food and Drinks: Black Market Provisions, Eadha Bread, Oh Doughnuts, The Tallest Poppy, Roughage Eatery, Little Brown Jug Brewery
    5. Art: synonymartconsultation, Tamiko Kavanagh (mikochase), Jacob Sawchyn (versawchyart), Breana Ferrara (corpulence_drip), Michelle Anais Beaulieu-Morgan (mutuallyassureddecontruction)
    6. Photographer: Ally Gonzalo (jhapes), Shoog McDaniel (shooglet)


    1. Pose
    2. Legendary
    3. Sex Education
    4. Atypical
    5. Tiny Pretty Things
    6. We Are Who We Are
    7. Euphoria
    8. Master of None





    1. @thebannockbabes
    2. @queerfolksofwinnipeg
    3. @faithfundal
    4. @missgender_wpg
    5. @maribeth.tabanera
    6. @theprettiestprince

    At UWinnipeg:

    1. @UWSARainbow Lounge

    Attend, Donate, and Support:

    1. @QPOCWinnipeg: Events for Queer and Trans Identified Black, Indigenous & People of Colour
    2. Community drop-in and resource centre
    3. Counselling, Education, Programing, and Directory for 2SLGBTQ+
    4. @transhealthklinicwpg: Health to transgender and gender diverse individuals
    5. Club 200: Winnipeg only gay owned Gay bar
    6. @GORGE: Queers Arts and Drag Festival
    7. @SynonymArtsConsolation: Consultation and Events Management
    8. hosts Winnipeg Pride Festival. 2SLGBTQ* Directory
    9. International 2SLGBTQ* Film Festival

    For a PDF copy, click here: Pride Month Resources



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  • In Solidarity with the Afzaal Family

    June 10th, 2021

    The University of Winnipeg Students’ Association (UWSA) is deeply saddened by the recent terrorist attack against the Salman Family. The family lost Yumna Afzaal, Madiha Salman, Talat Afzaal, and Salman Afzaal on Sunday, June 6, 2021, in London, Ontario, leaving their 9-year-old son as the only survivor.  

    UWSA President Kirtaveer Singh Hayer says, “I was deeply saddened when I heard the news of this senseless act of terrorism. I pray for peace for the souls lost in this heinous crime and offer my condolences on behalf of the UWSA to the friends, loved ones and surviving members of the Afzaal family. Islam is a beautiful but misunderstood religion, and we all have a responsibility to correct the Islamophobic opinions of those around us. I have spent plenty of time with the Muslim community of UWinnipeg and attended Friday prayers at the campus mosque. I can attest to the fact that Islam is a peaceful religion that deserves the same level of dignity and respect as any other. I hope for a future of peace and tolerance in our society, and as President of the UWSA, I promise to fight against intolerance, discrimination and extremism of all kinds.” 

    The UWSA stands in solidarity with the Afzaal Family, Muslim students, and the Muslim community. We strongly oppose any acts of violence against the Muslim community and want to make sure Muslim students feel supported.  

     “May God grant peace to the departed souls and grant Sabr to the surviving members of the Afzaal family. I’m shocked and heartbroken to see that a family was killed just because of their faith. This brutal act of terrorism has caused trauma to the Muslim community in Canada,” says UWSA Vice-President Student Affairs, Reza Saker Hossain. “Nobody should be forced to give up their faith or religious symbols to be treated fairly. I want to say to the students of UofW – who belong to any religious minority group – that proudly wear your religious symbols like your Hijab, Dastar, or any other symbols that you wish to wear.” 

    We encourage any students who have been affected to use the counselling resources found on campus and in the community. You can find a list of mental health resources on the UWSA website, and online counselling is available for students through 

    Donations are being accepted on their GoFundMe, which will be used as Sadaqa Jariya on behalf of the family. You can find the GoFundMe link in our bio. 

    In solidarity,  

    The UWSA 

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  • Call for Indigenous Peoples Day Video

    June 8th, 2021

    The University of Winnipeg Students’ Association (UWSA) compiles videos from Indigenous Students to highlight their voices for Indigenous Peoples Day. Each Indigenous student that submits a video will receive a complimentary gift bag, including a $20 Feast Gift Card. The deadline to send in a video is Tuesday, June 15, by 5:00 PM CST.

    Video perimeters 

    • Must be landscape (you can film on your phone, webcam, etc.)
    • Make sure your video in MP4 format, 
    • 1-2 minutes long
    • Say your name
    • Say your pronouns
    • Say what nation and/or clan you are part of
    • You may also speak in whichever language you prefer (If you do so, please provide us with a script of what you’re saying)
    • Things you can talk about/do in the videos
      • Why Indigenous Peoples Day matters to you 
      • Perform a Jig
      • Perform a Traditional Drum Song
      • Sing

    How to submit

    When you’re finished, email the MP4 video to Sheen Chan at If your file is too big, you can use the website to submit it. If you’re having any difficulties, please email

    Please also note that gift bags will be sent out after June 15

    Questions about the video? Please email

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