Grade Appeals

Do you feel that the grade you received on an assignment was unjust? The good news is that you can appeal that grade, but you must act quickly.
For information on Final Grade Appeals, click here: Final Grade Appeals.

If the assignment was graded during classes:
First, speak with your instructor within seven working days from receiving your grade. Let the instructor know your concerns and find out if there is an explanation for your grade.

If you still think the grade is unjust, you can submit a written appeal to the Departmental Review Committee. During the term, you need to do this within two working days of meeting with the instructor. Submit your appeal to the Departmental Assistant or Department Chair to be given to the Departmental Review Committee.

If the assignment was graded after classes:
Written appeals must be submitted to the Departmental Review Committee within six weeks after the final day of exams in the term during which the course is offered.

The Written Appeal

Your written appeal must include:

  • A copy (or photocopy) of the marked assignment
  • The rationale for the appeal – be as detailed as possible
  • A summary of your conversation with the instructor

 You should also include:

  • A copy of the course syllabus
  • A copy of the assignment description, or the grading criteria

The instructor does not participate in the decision-making process. The instructor will be notified of the appeal, and possibly asked to provide more information about the assignment and its grading.

 A strong written appeal:

  • Clearly states what you are appealing and the grounds for the appeal
  • Includes relevant and correct information (dates, course information, etc.)
  • Lays out a detailed, thoughtful, and logical case
  • Provides all evidence and documentation relevant to supporting your case
  • If external circumstances adversely affected your grade, be thorough and precise in explaining the circumstances and their impact
  • Suggests a preferred remedy for the injustice
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