U-Pass Program Suspended for the 2021-22 Academic School Year

The UWSA U-Pass program will not be active for the 2021-22 academic school year. As a result, the UWSA U-Pass fee will not be assessed for new and returning full-time UWinnipeg students when they pay their tuition fees.

The UWSA recognizes that some students need to access transit. Therefore, in the absence of the UWSA U-Pass, students will be able to buy the Post-Secondary Semester Passes at the UWSA Info Booth, Shoppers Drug Mart, and 7-Eleven at the rate of $283/semester. Find the full list of Transit Customer Service Centres and partner agents here.

To minimize the financial impact on students, they can apply for the UWSA Transit Subsidy program to reimburse towards the cost difference roughly equivalent ($83) to the projected cost of the UWSA U-Pass for full-time graduate and undergraduate UWinnipeg students-in-need.

The deadline to apply is Friday, October 1, 2021

To apply for the UWSA Transit Subsidy please visit the UWinnipeg Awards and Bursary page.

How to Apply:

  1. Log in to UWinnpieg online award application using your UWinnipeg webmail ID and password.
  2. Complete the General Application for Awards.
  3. If you meet the criteria (financial need and full-time undergraduate or graduate student status), you will see the UWSA Transit Subsidy in the list of Recommended Opportunities.
  4. You must then apply directly for the subsidy by uploading an image of your semester pass receipt.

We hope to have the UWSA U-Pass up and running for the 2022-23 Academic School year, depending on students’ vote outcomes in the 2022 UWSA Referendum. Please be on the lookout for when students can vote for the u-pass.

If you have questions about the UWSA U-Pass program, the UWSA Transit Subsidy, or Winnipeg Transit products, please reach out to us at infobooth@theuwsa.ca.


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