Student Conference and Travel Funding Request Form

The Conference and Travel Funding Request is closed. We will provide an update when the form is open as soon as we can. We apologize for any inconvenience. 

UWSA Conference funding aims to support students needing funding to bear a part of the expenses for attending conferences relevant to their academic studies and research at the University of Winnipeg. These funds are available for both undergraduate and graduate students. The funds can be used towards the cost of travel, accommodation, or other costs associated with attending an academic conference, a field course, practicums, or academic activities.

Funding Criteria:

  1. The applicant must be a current student at the University of Winnipeg and a current UWSA member;
  2. The conference must be academic in nature and in the applicant’s field of study or research at the University of Winnipeg;
  3. The applicant has a current minimum GPA of 2.0 or above;
  4. Any other applicable criteria in the UWSA policy and by-laws.

Criteria for non-academic conferences:

  1. The conference is meant for students and scholars only;
  2. Attendance at the conference is considered competitive and would add value to the students’ study and research;
  3. The applicant will be a direct participant (presenting, speaking, etc.) in the conference;
  4. Must attach a letter explaining how the conference meets these criteria. However, preference will be given to academic conference participants.

*Added consideration may be given if the student is a direct participant in the conference, meaning the student will be speaking or presenting their work, or has been specifically invited to participate in the conference due to the relationship between the conference’s topic and the applicant’s area of study, expertise, or accomplishments in that field.*

Funding Amount:

  1. The maximum amount that can be approved is 75% of the total conference expense or $1000 CAD whichever is lower. Expenses may include airfare, residence, and/or other applicable costs related to the conference and travel.
  2. The amount of funding approved can vary depending on the available funds and as deemed appropriate by the UWSA.
  3. Students can only access the fund once per calendar year.

Application Procedure:

Please fill out this form for funding before or on the 15th of each month to receive funding for the following month. Example: Your travel or student conference is on February 16th you would need to fill out this form before January 15th.

The information presented on this page is subject to further review by the UWSA Board and the UWSA Student Life Committee at their next meetings. In case of any change to the information presented on this page, applicants will be notified of the change.

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