University of Winnipeg Neuroscience Students’ Association (UWNSA)

The UWNSA is a group for neuroscience students who want to connect with their peers and faculty. We offer advice, plan events, and help to connect our members with other helpful student groups! Our events usually consist of 1-2 fundraisers, a faculty mixer, exam study sessions and end of year event. Our fundraisers help cover the costs of the faculty mixer and/or are used to donate to a charity of the groups choice. Our events also help us to connect students with faculty for possible thesis, volunteering or other opportunities. This is a newer student group that was created last year to replace the Biopsychology student group.

Open to any Neuroscience student or anyone who is interested in the program. Please email us at if you are interested in joining!


General membership meetings occur once every 1-2 months. Occasionally, there may be additional meetings for special events or fundraisers.

Social Media:

  • Facebook – @uwbpsa
  • Instagram – @uwnsa


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