Call for Feedback: Status of Women Director Title Change!


At the 2017 UWSA Special General Meeting (SGM), a motion was passed to get feedback from students about changing the title of the Status of Women Director. The interim title is Women, Trans, and Non-Binary Students’ Director while we explore other options. 

At the SGM, it was concluded that the ‘Status of Women Director’ title and qualification (‘to be a woman or self-identified woman’) excluded trans and non-binary people.

We need your suggestions regarding what the title of the ‘Status of Women Director’ be changed to and why!

There are suggestion boxes in the Women-Trans Spectrum Centre and the Rainbow Lounge where you can anonymously submit suggestions. You can also e-mail your VPEA, Zee at

We will also host open conversation sessions at The Hive in November to review and discuss the contents of this suggestion box. Your feedback will help us prepare a motion for UWSA’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) in March. 

Please contact your VPEA Zee Morales at with questions. Thank you for your suggestions! 


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University of Winnipeg
University of Winnipeg