Political Science Students’ Association (PSSS)

The Political Science Students Society is a registered student group with the University of Winnipeg Students Association (UWSA). We bring together Political Science students within the university community through social and political events both on and off campus. Furthermore, we organize a variety of exciting events throughout the year. Joining in on our events is a great way to connect with new people! Our events offer the opportunity for the participants to learn and gain new skills and experiences. For the UWSA the PSSA brings about an opportunity for an ongoing discourse on politics and the world in a non-partisan manner between students at the University of Winnipeg.

Anyone with an interest in Politics at the University of Winnipeg is welcome to partake in any events, activities, or otherwise organized by the group. We pride our selves in being open to anyone who has the wish to become involved in any capacity and encourage membership for all students of Political Science!


Our meetings are during free periods on Mondays or Fridays, about once or twice a month. Meeting schedule might be interrupted and all meetings are currently held online due to the COVID-19 situation. Please follow our social media pages or contact us to know about our upcoming meetings. We are looking forward to seeing you in our next meeting.

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