University of Winnipeg Math and Stats Students Association (UWMSSA)

The goal of this student group is to engage with students in the Mathematics and Statistics fields. The student association has worked closely with faculty members over the years to provide students with access to events and talks in the field of Mathematics and Statistics. As well, the association may provide an opportunity for student to gain experience in their field by completing research work with faculty. There are also work and volunteer opportunities for students as tutors, lab demonstrators and markers. The UWMSSA is a community pillar for students in the Math and Stats fields. It enables students to connect and collaborate outside the classroom. It also shares resources for students across various fields of study. Whether students are in the Math and Statistics department or just taking Math/Stats courses to fulfill a program requirement, they have found community in being with other students in similar courses and have found important resources

This group is not exclusive to students who are enrolled in Math/Stats courses. We are a group that has common interests in Math/Stats, and who seek to support one another throughout the University experience. Everyone is welcome to our events.


We meet through zoom for various events and get-togethers. Meeting information is shared to students through our email list. If you would like to receive emails with meeting and event information, please contact us using the email address above.

Social Media:

  • Instagram – @uwmathstats
  • Facebook – @UWMSSA


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