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General Academic Information

The UWinnipeg Course Calendar contains information on all degrees and courses the University offers, as well as requirements for obtaining your major and degree.

Contact your Dean

The Dean of a faculty is the head administrator in charge of that faculty. They oversee all professors and policies in their faculty. If you need to contact the dean of your faculty, please use the following links:

** Note: The Dean of Arts holds a monthly open house for Arts students to meet him and discuss any issues or questions they may have. For more information on when this month’s open house will occur, please contact Barbara Foucault at 786-9768 or for more information.

Academic Advising

The academic advisors on campus help students with degree and program planning as well as with academic appeals. To see an advisor, you can book an appointment or try your luck at the daily drop-in sessions. For more information on seeing an advisor and to access the online resources of the Advising office, click here to visit their website.

If you are looking for information about academic appeals (such as grade appeals, assignment deadline extensions, requesting a deferred exam, etc.), please visit the Student Guide to Appeals Procedures. The guide will supply you with deadlines and procedures regarding all possible academic appeals. If you are considering an academic appeal, please ensure you read the appropriate sections of the University’s Academic Regulations and Policies (Section VII of the Course Calendar), which is the official word on appeal procedures at the University.

If you have any questions about how these policies apply to you or have questions about appeals, please contact the Vice-President Advocate at 786-9780 or

Awards and Scholarships

The UWinnipeg Awards handbook contains information on awards, scholarships, and bursaries you can apply for as a student. The UWSA provides the following bursaries: UWSA Bursary, UWSA Margaret Laurence Bursary, UWSA Gabrielle Roy Bursary, UWSA Recent Immigrant Bursary, UWSA Bursary for a Student with a Learning Disability

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