In Solidarity with International Students from Punjab

On September 22, 2022, a college Sikh student from North Carolina in the United States was handcuffed for carrying a kirpan. Police officers removed the handcuffs after the kirpan was retrieved.

A kirpan is one of the five symbolic objects essential to manifesting faith for baptized Sikhs. They are required to carry or maintain the five articles of the Sikh faith: kara (steel bracelet), kanga (small wooden comb), kachera (undershorts), kesh (unshorn hair) and the kirpan (resembling a knife or sword).

We believe this is an opportunity to raise awareness of the importance of how every individual and institution would benefit from cultural and religious literacy. Dialogue and learning regarding diverse religious faith practices on campuses worldwide are fundamental to guarantee students’ rights to exercise their religion freely.

We want to extend our sympathy and support to the international students from Punjab.

In Solidarity,

UWSA President
Kirt Hayer

UWSA Vice-President External Affairs
Jonathan Henderson

UWSA Vice-President Student Affairs
Reza-Saker Hossain

UWSA Senator-elect
Harpreet Singh Punjab


University of Winnipeg
University of Winnipeg
University of Winnipeg