REBLITE Ruling – Feb 10, 2020

Referenda and Elections By-law Interpretation and Transparent Enforcement Board Meeting February 11, 2020 7 p.m.
UWSA Boardroom

On November 10th, David Teffaine and Kierra Ryner were found to be in violation of 5.24.i for pre- campaigning. The CEC decided to disqualify both candidates invoking clause 5.21.iv.a.4. The decision made by the CEC was appealed by David and Kierra.

On Nov 20th 2019 David Teffaine was found to be pre-campaigning in violation of By Law 5.24.i according to the CEC. The CEC’s decision was to disqualify David Teffaine from the election based on clause 5.21.iv.a.4 to implement supplementary rules.

In the case of Kierra Ryner, Kierra has also been found to be in violation of by-law 5.24.i. The REBLITE Board recognizes the severity of these violations. The appeal and all supplemental interventions were sent by David on behalf of himself and Kierra, satisfactorily demonstrating to the board that they were working as a team.

The REBLITE Board is tasked with ensuring a fair and impartial process and upholding the UWSA by- laws and policies in regards to the election. The CEC is accountable to the REBLITE board and the board finds the CEC’s ruling fairly demonstrates and rectifies the aforementioned violation of the election rules, as per 5.33.iii.e.

REBLITE has determined to uphold the rulings of the CEC.
The REBLITE Board’s ruling is final, binding, and may not be appealed, as per Section 5.31.x.

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