Health Plan Opt-Out/Opt-Change Forms Available

The Health Plan Opt-Out/Opt-Change period is on right now!

Students who have alternative health coverage can choose to Opt-Out of their student Health Plan at this link. The deadline to Opt-Out of the Health Plan is September 16, 2019. Please note that the Health Plan is compulsory for all International Students.

Your Health Plan is a one-year contract so students can only Opt-Out/Opt-Change in the first year of their study. This means that students who have Opted-Out last year will have to Opt-Out again this year. This also means that if you started school in the winter term, you can only Opt-Out in the winter.

You will need to have your student ID number and be covered under another health benefits plan to Opt-Out.

To Opt-Change, student will have to download the form from the UWSA Health Plan Page and submit it at Info Booth before September 16, 2019.

If you have any questions, please visit the Info Booth or email with your name, student number, and concern to set up an appointment.


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