UWSA Health Plan Blackout Period

UWSA Health Plan Opt-Changes and Opt-Outs are now closed!

The Health Plan Blackout Period is wrapping up!

This means during the last two weeks your enrolment in the UWSA Health Plan is not active, but you are covered by Green Shield. During the Black Out Period, you will not be able to create an online Green Shield account to make a claim or have any services be direct billed. Any eligible expenses you’ve incurred during this period will need to be claimed after this period has ended.

This means you do not have to worry if your Green Shield online account is down, it will be up and running soon and you can make retroactive claims for any coverage used from September 1, forward! The UWSA and UWinnipeg Financial Services are working diligently to ensure all students are correctly billed and enrolled on the Health Plan. Thank you for your continued patience.

To view your Summary of Benefits, please visit the UWSA Health Plan page here!


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