Join the conversation about the Indigenous Course Requirement

On Wednesday, June 17 we invite you to participate in a Community Pipe Ceremony to discuss the Indigenous Course Requirement (ICR) We have also worked with the University to create a series of commonly asked questions about the ICR. You can read them here.

UWinnipeg/UWSA wants to be inclusive and open as possible by inviting all community members to share their thoughts in an open dialogue on ICR. Cultural practices and ceremonies are fundamental to the survival of Indigenous people’s knowledge, culture and beliefs. By including traditional Indigenous ceremonies into the curriculum development process at the University of Winnipeg, we are fostering an environment of inclusivity, cross-cultural education and reconciliation. We encourage and welcome all people across campus and the surrounding community to take part in this sacred ceremony and process of building respect and mutual understanding.

In order for this initiative to reflect the diverse spaces which the University of Winnipeg inhabits, we need community voices to be a part of the development of the course. We encourage all students, faculty, administration and community to bring your ideas on how the ICR can and should be implemented into the University. Your voices are needed in order to make this process meaningful and successful.

We are honored that elders Dan Thomas and Myra Laramee will be conducting the pipe ceremony for the community. The abundance of knowledge and guidance they have contributed to our communities, educational institutions and systems is extraordinary and we are proud that they will help guide us through this change in a spiritual way. Myra Laramee asks that women follow protocol and wear long skirts to the ceremony.

You can find the event on Facebook here!

Want more information about the ICR? Find it here.


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