Frequently Asked Questions about U-Pass

1. Who is included in the U-Pass program?

All full-time undergraduate students and graduate students who are assessed as full-time status by grad studies, at UWinnipeg are part of the U-Pass program. These students are assessed the fee. A full-time student is a student who is taking 9 or more credits per term.

2. How and where can students get a U-Pass?

Students will be assessed the U-Pass fee through Web Advisor, like all fees. The pass itself can be picked-up from the UWSA Info Booth from August 8, 2016 onward.

The UWSA Info Booth is located in Centennial Hall on the first-floor. Their number is 204-786-9787 or you can reach them by email at

3. How much does it cost?

U-Pass fees are assessed per term, and will be $132.50 per term for the 2017/2018 academic year, or $265 for full-time students for a full academic year.

4. How did the U-Pass come to exist?

The U-Pass is a universal transit pass, which provides unlimited access to public transit services in exchange for a mandatory fee.

This was a student-led initiative. It was a political platform spearheaded by students at the University of Winnipeg Students’ Association in 2014, mirroring similar progressive U-Pass programs practiced in cities across Canada, including Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Ottawa, and Brandon.

Read the history of U-Pass at the University of Winnipeg here.

5. Who authorized the U-Pass program?

UWSA students voted and passed in a referendum on October 29, 2014 with a majority vote of 81.7% in favour of establishing a U-Pass program at the University of Winnipeg. Winnipeg City Council approved the U-Pass program to begin fall 2016. Students at the University of Manitoba also voted in favour of the U-Pass.

6. Can students opt-out? (Why not?)

Enrollment for full-time students is mandatory, as per the student referendum and legal Winnipeg City Council directive. There are exemptions that apply for some students – those that use Handi-Transit, and students that live outside of the Winnipeg Transit service area.

Read the list of Opt-Outs here: U-Pass Opt Outs

7. Can Handi Transit users use their U-Pass for Handi Transit services?

Yes. Handi Transit users can use their U-Pass to access Handi Transit Services. This means Handi Transit users will be assessed the U-Pass fee each term they are full-time students. Handi Transit users do have the option to opt-out, as well.

8. Can students transfer their pass to someone else?

No, the U-Pass is linked to a student number and is non-transferrable.

9. Where and when can students use the U-Pass?

Once students have registered for classes and picked up their U-Pass from the UWSA Info Booth, students will have unlimited access to Winnipeg Transit during the academic year (Sept. 1 – April 30)

10. What are the benefits of the U-Pass program?

The U-Pass is cost-effective and sustainable. It costs less than half the price of a post-secondary bus pass, invests in Winnipeg Transit, cuts down on traffic congestion in Winnipeg, provides parking cost relief, and cuts carbon emissions.

11. Where do you ask questions about U-Pass?

You can ask a question about U-Pass at Info Booth or email or visit

12. Are PACE students included in the U-Pass program?

No, PACE students are not included, but are eligible for post-secondary bus passes.

13. Do I need my student ID with my U-Pass?

Your U of W Student ID with the U-Pass sticker is required when boarding a Transit bus to utilize the U-Pass.  If the appropriate Student ID is not presented, students risk confiscation of their U-Pass. Students are not to sell, or give away their U-Pass, as the penalty could be confiscation of the U-Pass and possible fines.

14. What happens if my U-Pass won’t scan on the bus?

If farebox does not accept your U-Pass, try to scan your pass a second time. If your Peggo still won’t scan, bus drivers will accept your Peggo card as a flash pass when used together with your student ID with valid transit sticker.  Drop-by Info Booth to get a replacement card.

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