Frequently Asked Questions about U-Pass

1. Who is included in the U-Pass program?

All full-time undergraduate students and graduate students who are assessed as full-time status by grad studies, at UWinnipeg are part of the U-Pass program. These students are assessed the fee. A full-time student is a student who is taking 9 or more credits per term.

2. How and where can students get a U-Pass?

Students will be assessed the U-Pass fee through Web Advisor, like all fees. The pass itself can be picked-up from the UWSA Info Booth from August 8, 2016 onward.

The UWSA Info Booth is located in Centennial Hall on the first-floor. Their number is 204-786-9787 or you can reach them by email at

3. How much does it cost?

U-Pass fees are assessed per term, and will be $134.10 per term for the 2019/19 academic year, or $268.20 for full-time students for a full academic year.

4. How did the U-Pass come to exist?

The U-Pass is a universal transit pass, which provides unlimited access to public transit services in exchange for a mandatory fee.

This was a student-led initiative. It was a political platform spearheaded by students at the University of Winnipeg Students’ Association in 2014, mirroring similar progressive U-Pass programs practiced in cities across Canada, including Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Ottawa, and Brandon.

Read the history of U-Pass at the University of Winnipeg here.

5. Who authorized the U-Pass program?

UWSA students voted and passed in a referendum on October 29, 2014 with a majority vote of 81.7% in favour of establishing a U-Pass program at the University of Winnipeg. Winnipeg City Council approved the U-Pass program to begin fall 2016. Students at the University of Manitoba also voted in favour of the U-Pass.

6. Can students opt-out? (Why not?)

Enrollment for full-time students is mandatory, as per the student referendum and legal Winnipeg City Council directive. There are exemptions that apply for some students – those that use Handi-Transit, and students that live outside of the Winnipeg Transit service area.

Read the list of Opt-Outs here: U-Pass Opt Outs

7. Can Handi Transit users use their U-Pass for Handi Transit services?

Yes. Handi Transit users can use their U-Pass to access Handi Transit Services. This means Handi Transit users will be assessed the U-Pass fee each term they are full-time students. Handi Transit users do have the option to opt-out, as well.

8. Can students transfer their pass to someone else?

No, the U-Pass is linked to a student number and is non-transferrable.

9. Where and when can students use the U-Pass?

Once students have registered for classes and picked up their U-Pass from the UWSA Info Booth, students will have unlimited access to Winnipeg Transit during the academic year (Sept. 1 – April 30)

10. What are the benefits of the U-Pass program?

The U-Pass is cost-effective and sustainable. It costs less than half the price of a post-secondary bus pass, invests in Winnipeg Transit, cuts down on traffic congestion in Winnipeg, provides parking cost relief, and cuts carbon emissions.

11. Where do you ask questions about U-Pass?

You can ask a question about U-Pass at Info Booth or email or visit

12. Are PACE students included in the U-Pass program?

No, PACE students are not included, but are eligible for post-secondary bus passes.

13. Do I need my student ID with my U-Pass?

Your U of W Student ID with the U-Pass sticker is required when boarding a Transit bus to utilize the U-Pass.  If the appropriate Student ID is not presented, students risk confiscation of their U-Pass. Students are not to sell, or give away their U-Pass, as the penalty could be confiscation of the U-Pass and possible fines.

14. What happens if my U-Pass won’t scan on the bus?

If farebox does not accept your U-Pass, try to scan your pass a second time. If your Peggo still won’t scan, bus drivers will accept your Peggo card as a flash pass when used together with your student ID with valid transit sticker.  Drop-by Info Booth to get a replacement card.

15. Can I claim my U-Pass on my taxes?

From Canada Revenue Agency: Yes, you may be able to claim a 15% non-refundable tax credit for the cost of eligible transit passes that are for the use of public transit services for the period January 1, 2017 to June 30, 2017 on your 2017 income tax and benefit return.

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