Final Grade Appeals

Does your final grade add up? After final grades are posted on WebAdvisor, you have six weeks to submit an appeal. The VP Student Affairs can help you appeal your grade if it meets the following criteria.

Does your final grade have grounds for appeal?

  • If your final grade doesn’t include the marks you received on all individual items of work completed and submitted, appeal it.
  • If the final grade does not correspond to the grades you received on course work, indicating a calculation error, appeal it.
  • If the overall assessment of your final grade is demonstrably unjust, appeal it.

 Your appeal must include:

  •  A copy (photocopy) of all course work which is subject to appeal
  • A written summary of the grounds for the appeal
  • All other relevant documentation (other class work or marked assignments)

Submit your appeal to the Student Records Office, 1A14. They will send it to the appropriate Departmental Review Committee. The instructor will be informed of the appeal and the Student Records Office will notify you in writing of the Departmental Review Committee’s decision.

After you have been informed of the Departmental Review Committee’s decision and believe the appeal did not receive a fair hearing, you may appeal the DRC decision on procedural grounds through the Student Records Office. The Senate Appeals Committee will consider your procedural appeal and you will be notified of their decision in writing.

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