University of Winnipeg Nepalese Student Association

The main purpose of the group is to connect with all the Nepalese students at the University of Winnipeg and to provide emotionaland academic support. The group would have senior Nepalese students as board members who would act as mentors and makethe students aware of the different services provided by the university and direct them accordingly. As a group, we are also lookingto organize cultural events to ensure that all Nepalese students feel at home. Since the number of Nepalese students at theUniversity is rapidly increasing, we want to help all the existing and new Nepalese students transition to University life and make sure they are heard and helped.We are planning on having a meeting every other week to connect with all the student members.

All the Nepalese students enrolled at the University of Winnipeg can become a member.



Meetings would be held online via zoom on a biweekly basis for now. The meeting time/schedule would be determined later on to accommodate as much as students as possible.

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