The U-Pass is a universal bus pass program where students pay a fee at the beginning of each term and receive a bus pass that is valid for the entire academic year (September – April). With a U-Pass, all students at the University of Winnipeg will be able to access Winnipeg Transit services any time, anywhere across the city. In 2014, students initiated work toward developing a U-Pass program at UWinnipeg.

Read more about the history of the U-Pass here: U-Pass History


Who gets a U-Pass?

Each term, all full-time undergraduate students and graduate students who are assessed as full-time status by grad studies,  at the University of Winnipeg automatically get a U-Pass. This means at registration, full-time students pay a U-Pass fee. A full-time student is a student who is taking nine or more credit hours in one term.

Handi Transit users can use their U-Pass to access Handi Transit Services. This means, Handi Transit users will be assessed the U-Pass fee each term they are full-time students. Handi Transit users do have the option to opt-out, as well.


How much is a U-Pass?

The U-Pass fee is $130 per term. 

Students will pay this fee with their other registration fees at the beginning of each term. The U-Pass program is mandatory for full-time students.

Right now, the current cost of a monthly post-secondary bus pass is $70.85. The total cost for purchasing monthly bus passes from September to April is $566.80.

The total cost for U-Pass for the academic year is $260.
Students will save $306.80 a year!


Where do you pick-up a U-Pass?

Once students have registered for classes, students can pick-up their U-Pass from the UWSA Info Booth located in Centennial Hall on the first-floor. Students will need their UWinnipeg student ID.

The Info Booth is located in Centennial Hall on the first-floor.
Find the Info Booth’s hours here.

U-Pass is available for pick-up for students starting as full-time students in the 2017 Winter Term on and after Dec. 1, 2016 at the UWSA Info Booth.

Students who have already picked up their U-Pass for the 2016 Fall Term and will continue to be full-time students in the 2017 Winter Term will have their pass automatically activated for the 2017 Winter Term. These students do not need to get a new pass from the UWSA Info Booth.


Ride with us!

We’re excited to launch the U-Pass program this fall. The U-Pass is a cost-effective and sustainable program that allows students to invest in our city’s transit system.

Your U of W Student ID with the U-Pass sticker is required when boarding a Transit bus to utilize the U-Pass.  If the appropriate Student ID is not presented, students risk confiscation of their U-Pass. Students are not to sell, or give away their U-Pass, as the penalty could be confiscation of the U-Pass and possible fines.


Questions about U-Pass?

We’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions here: U-Pass FAQs


Get in touch!

Email us with your questions u-pass@theuwsa.ca or click here to ask right away.


U-Pass Opt-Outs/Appeals:

Enrollment for full-time students is mandatory, as per the student referendum and legal Winnipeg City Council directive. There are exemptions that apply for some students. If you have missed the opt-out deadline and meet the U-Pass Opt-Out criteria, you may file an appeal.

Please visit our U-Pass Opt-Outs here

If you would like to appeal your 2017 Winter Term U-Pass, please out this form and it drop-off to the UWSA Info Booth by March 4, 2017.
U-Pass Appeal Form


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