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  • UWSA statement on tuition fee increase by government

    March 20th, 2017

    UWSA statement on tuition fee increase


    Download the PDF here: UWSA statement on tuition fee increase by government

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  • Annual General Meeting

    March 13th, 2017

    AGM Poster



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  • UWSA Day Care will expand to include 32 new childcare spots as part of the province’s investment in community-based capital projects

    March 9th, 2017

    UWSA Daycare - March 9

    View the province’s new release here

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  • Unofficial UWSA 2017 General Election Results

    March 9th, 2017



    Laura Garinger – UWSA Connect 463 votes
    David Fanhbulleh – Students’ Voice 376 votes
    James Nellis – 247 votes
    Sadie-Phoenix Lavoie – Rising Voice 196 votes 

    Vice-President External Affairs 

    Megan Linton – UWSA Connect 490 votes
    Teruni Walaliyadde – Students’ Voice 409 votes
    Andrew Vineberg – Rising Voice 317 votes 

    Vice-President Student Affairs 

    Brenden Gali – UWSA Connect 474 votes
    Oladele Ojewole – Students’ Voice 471 votes
    Felisha Hartig – Rising Voice 269 votes 

    Vice-President Internal Affairs 

    Morgan Brightnose – UWSA Connect 697 votes
    Elena Spitcyna – Students’ Voice 486 votes 

    Education Director 

    Taylor Daigneault

    Yes: 960
    No: 137 

    Science Director 

    Sia Kermani  – 562 votes
    Daniel Denton – 529 votes 

    Arts Director 

    Janel Bortoluzzi –477 votes
    Evan Krosney – 395 votes
    David Wiebe  –269 votes 

    International Students’ Director 

    Simran Badhan – Students’ Voice

    Yes: 1024
    No: 83 

    Status of Women Director 

    Jade DeFehr  – 687 votes
    Patricia Nosal – Students’ Voice 449 votes 

    Environmental Ethics Director 

    Avery Letkemann

    Yes: 1042 votes
    No: 75 votes 

    Accessibility Director 

    Mohamed Behi & Andrew Minenko

    Yes: 1064 votes
    No: 74 

    Business & Economics Director 

    Devin Woodbury

    Yes: 1032 votes
    No: 83 

    Board of Regents Student Representative 

    Abraham El-Giadaa

    Yes: 1045 votes
    No: 76 

    Senate Student Representative (3 available positions) 

    Lester Aidoo

    Yes: 785 votes
    No: 102 

    Waarengeye Vikram

    Yes: 669 votes
    No: 151 votes 

    VOTER TURNOUT: 13.8% 


    *Unofficial until ratified

    Spoilt ballot counts unavailable at this time.

    Questions? Email the Chief Elections Commissioner at

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