Health Plan Topic of the Week: Gardasil-9


Last year, we improved your health coverage extending coverage for HPV vaccinations (Gardasil and Ceravix) to 100 per cent. There is a new HPV Vaccination called Gardasil-9 (released in Canada in April 2015), which is not covered by Green Shield. Read more about Gardasil-9 here.

Why is it not covered?

The vaccine is too new to be evaluated by our health provider this year. Green Shield, our Health Plan provider is working to include Gardasil-9 in its coverage.

I want the vaccine, how do I make sure the UWSA Health Plan covers it?

Ask your doctor what vaccine they prescribe and do your research on the vaccines. If Gardasil or Ceravix are a good fit for you, your doctor will write you a prescription to pick-up the vaccination from your pharmacy. Gardasil-9 is usually administered at the doctor’s office.

If you are still unsure if your HPV vaccination will be covered under the UWSA Health Plan, please email the Health Plan Coordinator at prior to your vaccination.



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