Foodbank Request

Dear University Community,

The volunteer-driven UWSA Foodbank was created to provide regular food supplements during the year to University of Winnipeg students and community members in need. This year the UWSA has worked diligently to raise awareness about the Foodbank service, and has seen a significant increase of student usage.  The UWSA Foodbank primarily works in conjunction with Winnipeg Harvest, receiving weekly shipments of food to distribute each Friday to registered clients; however, we also operate an Emergency Student Food Fund, which is primarily supplied with donations from university groups and other community-based organizations.

Currently our Emergency Student Food Fund is in need of donations.  In the spirit of the holidays, we ask that your group/faculty/office consider running a collection drive.  We are currently in need of:

– dried pasta, noodles, rice,
– pasta sauce, canned tomatoes,
– canned or dried beans, lentils, chick peas
– canned fruit and vegetables
– canned soup,
– granola bars, crackers, cookies, other small snack items.

Please also consider collecting these items.  We recognize that they are more expensive than non-perishable food items, but they are rarely donated and are essential items for many student families:

-cat food and dog food,
– diapers (especially sizes 3, 4, 5, and 6), training pants,
– baby food, cereal, crackers, and formula,
– tampons and pads.

We ask that you remember not to donate expired food items.  Although canned food items often last beyond the expiration date, we are not legally allowed to distribute these items and are required to throw them out.

All donations can be dropped off at the UWSA General Office in the basement of the Bulman Students’ Centre.  Thank you for considering donating to our organization, it is only with the help of campus and community organizations like yours that we are able to ensure our students access to food security.  If you have any questions, please contact Allison Reimer at or 204-786-9781.


Happy Holidays,


Jennifer Black
UWSA Foodbank Coordinator

Allison Riemer
UWSA Vice-President Student Services



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