Young Communist League Manitoba (YCL-MB)

The Young Communist League of Manitoba is a revolutionary group of young Manitobans who volunteer their time to organize efforts against colonialism, imperialism, and capitalism, and to build working-class power. Our goal is to provide aid for marginalized communities in their struggles against capitalism and colonialism, by offering political education, mutual aid and manpower.

The YCL is Canada’s oldest revolutionary youth organization. Formed in 1923, we struggled against the Great Depression, sent brigades to fight fascism during the Spanish civil war, resisted the cold war, and rallied for peace and nuclear disarmament. The YCL is politically united with the Communist Party of Canada, but is organizationally autonomous with our own constitution, conventions, & membership.

The YCL club meets at least once a month to discuss tasks, plan our activities and follow up on our progress. We organize and participate in protests, marches and movements in support of local and international progressive causes, do work to raise awareness of issues brought on by capitalism and the need for a socialist system as well as combating anti-communist propaganda, and hold educational gatherings to improve our understanding of Marxist-Leninist theory and history. This club is currently the only one in the province of Manitoba.

Anyone under the age of 31 may join. Prospective members must attend at least two meetings or events in order to be considered for membership. Membership is granted by the executive committee.


Members must pay $17 for their initial membership fee, which covers a $2 initiation fee, $5 annual convention assessment, and $10 every 6 months.


The YCl-MB meets at least once a month to discuss tasks, plan our activities and follow up on our progress, and organizes and participates in various marches, protests and movements. Monthly, we would require a meeting space that would fit 10-15 people. We would also require space for 20-30 people for events, including access to a projector or multimedia system. We also plan to table monthly.


University of Winnipeg
University of Winnipeg
University of Winnipeg