University of Winnipeg Writing Group

The purpose of this group is to provide a space for fiction and non-fiction writers of all kinds and types in which they can sharetheir works with fellow writers, and to allow these writers to both receive and give feedback to their peers.

People who are fiction or non-fiction writers, including those who write poetry, can become members. To become a member, theymust attend meetings. We are holding meetings online via our Discord server until further notice due to the pandemic. Membersdo not have to attend every meeting, and they don’t have to submit a work to each meeting they attend. Members should attend atleast one meeting to get a sense of how the writers group works.


We hold meetings every Wednesday at 12:30 pm. There may be breaks in meetings during exam-heavy periods or duringholidays. This meeting schedule is not set in stone, If there are those that cannot attend the meeting, we can discuss a good timeand date that fits everyone’s needs to the best of the group’s ability.Due to the global pandemic, all meetings are held online on our Discord server until further notice. Members looking to join caneither email the group head for the Discord link or check out our Twitter page.

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