Phone: 204-786-9272 (Security Services)

Hours of Operation:
Monday- Thursday: 6 p.m. – 10 p.m.
Friday: 5:30 p.m. – 9:30 p.m.

* SafeWalk is closed over the summer and resumes on September 4 for Fall-Winter terms! 

SafeWalk runs during the Fall and Winter terms. Please note that Security Services may provide SafeWalk at any time.

The UWSA SafeWalk program is designed to ensure all students, staff, faculty and community members feel safe walking to their vehicle, bus stop or residence within the neighbourhood by having two volunteers accompany them.

The Downtown Watch also provides a SafeWalk service everyday
from 8:30 a.m. – 11 p.m. (hours subject to change).
Contact Downtown Watch at 204-958-SAFE (7233) or visit their website here.

There are three ways you can access the SafeWalk program:

– Visit the SafeWalk office 1C36 during program hours
– Visit/call the Security Desk
– Email the SafeWalk Coordinator

Have a question about SafeWalk? Check out our FAQs below!

What is SafeWalk?

SafeWalk is a valuable service that helps people feel safe walking within the neighbourhood by having two friendly volunteers accompany them.

How do I request a SafeWalk?

Visit the SafeWalk office during program hours or call Security Services to request we pick you up. Yes, SafeWalk will pick you up! If the SafeWalk volunteers are on a walk, please see the Security office who will radio to know how long they will be. Security Services may also provide a SafeWalk or SafeRide.

What information do I have to provide?

When you request a SafeWalk, we ask you to provide your name, student number (or to indicate if you are staff, faculty or a community member), and the destination. Security Services requires this for safety reasons and all information is kept confidential.

Are the SafeWalk volunteers safe?

SafeWalk volunteers must pass a background check, work in pairs, wear safety vests, and carry a radio to communicate with Security Services. Volunteers are confident and comfortable being downtown and know the area well; they also have basic safety and self-defense knowledge.

May I reserve a SafeWalk in advance?

SafeWalk operates on a first-come, first-served basis and does not take reservations. Just visit or call when you need us.
(SafeWalk says: if many people request a walk at the same time, we do our best to help everyone.)

Where could I get a SafeWalk to?

SafeWalk will accompany you anywhere within our boundaries of Sargent/Broadway/Carlton/Sherbrook. Destinations may include your vehicle, bus stop or residence, but may also include any campus building or even area businesses.

For destinations outside our boundaries, please consider a SafeRide.

What if I want a SafeWalk outside of program hours?

Please visit or call Security Services as they may provide a SafeWalk/SafeRide. The Downtown Watch also provides a SafeWalk service everyday from 8:30 a.m. – 11 p.m. (hours subject to change). Contact them at 204 958 SAFE (7233) or visit their website here.

May I volunteer for SafeWalk?

Volunteering for SafeWalk is a great opportunity that gives you a chance to meet people, contribute to a sense of security and community, all while having time to study and earn a small stipend. Volunteers are usually recruited mid-August, but please contact the SafeWalk Coordinator any time for more information.

Could SafeWalk help with our event?

SafeWalk is interested in partnering with all student groups/campus events. Please contact the SafeWalk Coordinator to discuss details.

Anything else I should know about SafeWalk?

Please remember it’s free and for everyone!

Use it as often as you want!

SafeWalk volunteers want to walk with you!

We welcome you and any questions/comments!

SafeWalk Team:

Cristina Ortega, SafeWalk Coordinator

Binara Hewagamage, Program Manager
Phone: 204-789-4244

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University of Winnipeg
University of Winnipeg