Committees of the UWSA Board of Directors

By-Law and Policy Committee

The By-Laws and Policy Committee shall make recommendations to the Board of Directors about amendments to these By-Laws, and changes to UWSA Policy.
Chair of the Committee: Carter Wiens
Members of the Committee: Clifford Stornel, Kirt H, Reza H, Amanpreet Singh Gill


Campaign and External Relations Committee

The mandate of CERC shall be to recommend social justice and political campaigns to the Board of Directors that further the goals of both the UWSA and the larger student movement. CERC shall recommend active strategies for positive change for students to guide the Vice President External Affairs’ lobbying work.
Chair of the Committee: Jonathan Henderson
Members of the Committee: Vlad Samon, Faith Marcial, Sarah Anderson


Executive Committee

The Executive Committee shall act as Management on behalf of the Board of Directors.
Chair of the Committee: Kiratveer Singh Hayer
Members of the Committee: Umar Awab, Christine Quiah, Tomiris Kaliyeva, Jonathan Henderson, Kiratveer Singh Hayer, Reza Saker Hossain


Finance and Operations Committee

The Finance and Operations Committee shall oversee, report, direct and control all financial operations of the UWSA on behalf of the Board of Directors.
Chair of the Committee: Olayemi
Members of the Committee: Kirtaveer Singh Hayer, Vlad Samon, Jaspinder Kaur Dhillon


Student Life Committee

The Student Life Committee shall receive and rule on applications for recognized and affiliated student groups, student group funding applications, provide feedback on UWSA events, and provide feedback and approval for non-campaign-based event proposals.
Chair of the Committee: Reza Saker Hossain
Members of the Committee: Faith Marcial, Christine Quiah, Tomiris Kaliyeva, Kaynat Grewal


Indigenous Advisory Circle

The Indigenous Advisory Circle works to ensure that the governance, programs and services of the UWSA are operated in true and meaningful collaboration with Indigenous People.
Chair of the Committee: Vacant
Members of the Committee: To be announced




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