Fall Reading Break at the University of Winnipeg

Fall Reading Break will be Oct. 10- Oct. 14!

Across Canada, there is a growing trend for post-secondary institutions to adopt fall term reading breaks. Motivated by a growing desire to respond to student mental health needs, fall reading breaks are increasingly seen as way of relieving stress during what can be an overwhelming time of year. At last count, 11 of the 20 public institutions in Ontario have introduced fall breaks. By becoming the first post-secondary institution in Manitoba to implement a fall reading break, the University of Winnipeg can set a positive example for the promotion of student wellness.

A fall reading break would be part of a holistic approach to addressing health and wellness on campus. Beyond having services in place that students can access, preventing the onset of mental illness needs to be a key priority. A fall break would allow students to recharge and decompress, relieving some of the pressures that can trigger anxiety or other mental health issues. Focusing on prevention can also result in a reduced strain on existing mental health supports, which are currently in high demand.

Starting in 2016/17, UW will have a fall reading week! Your students’ association has been working hard to make this a reality, and we’re so happy to see it materialize!

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