Annual General Meeting

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Our Annual General Meeting is Wednesday, March 29 at 12:30 in The Hive.

Every year, we hold an annual general meeting close to the end of the Winter Term to connect with students and present on the year.

Join your students’ union while they:

  • Present what was accomplished this year
  • Propose updates to the bylaws & policies
  • Propose a new directorship
  • Ask for your feedback

Presentations by:

  • UWSA Executive Team
  • UWSA General Manager
  • Chair of the UWSA Board of Directors
  • Students presenting motions

All students have voting and speaking rights and students can present motions.

*Motions are due March 19
Need help writing a motion? Read our guide here: How to submit a motion

Annual General Meeting Package:1

1. AGM Agenda 2017
2. Roberts Rules of Order – Quick Facts
3. AGM Minutes 2016
4. PACE Directorship Motion
5. UIC Directorship Motion
6a. By-Law Edits Guide
6b. By-Laws 2017 with included edits
6c. Secretary of the Board By-Law Amendments Guide
6d. Secretary of the Board Bylaws, Flagged Package
7. Operating Budget
8a. Audit Report 2016-17
8b. Financial Statement 2016-17

9. Motions from the Membership


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